10 Ways To Celebrate International Women’s Day

It wasn’t very long ago that women were fighting for the right to vote, and even though we’ve made great strides, there’s still work to do. In 2015, Caucasian women working a full-time, year-round job made only 80 cents for every dollar earned by a man, and the disparity was even greater for women of color.

As women, one simple thing we can do to move closer to equality is to lift each other up, both in our professional and personal lives. We have to encourage each other, and be bold enough to step up and challenge any injustices we encounter. Just the small act of letting a friend or coworker know they can count on us in situations where they need a teammate can make a huge difference. Don’t you feel more confident to dream big when you have a support system you know will help make those dreams come true?! Let’s all pledge to be that person for someone else!

Small choices can lead to big changes. In the spirit of International Women’s Day, I’ve come up with a list of action items we can each do to make the world a better — and safer — place for women.

Equality To-Do List:
• challenge stereotypes every single time you hear someone repeating them
• reach out to women who are excluded, whether it’s at your spin class or in the board room
• speak up if you know you’re being paid less than someone in your same professional role
• volunteer your help at a local charity that supports women
• buy from female-owned companies when possible
• take a junior female colleague to a major meeting or event
• lead up a team to create a more inclusive workplace
• mentor a woman and sponsor her goals
• find ways to create new opportunities for women in your company
• publicly celebrate the success of women leaders you admire

Will you join me and #beboldforchange?

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  1. What a mindless parrot. Women earn less than men, and women of color less than white women, due to differences in hours worked, education, experience, and degree of risk/inconvenience. It’s absolute rubbish to look at the average for men vs women and conclude that the difference is due to discrimination. And don’t reply with ‘The study compared full-time work’. Full time is defined as 32 hours per week or more. The data make clear men on average work more hours. It’s profoundly ignorant to not control for all variables, and if conservatives were running around trumpeting studies that didn’t control for all variables academics and the media would be disdainful. Instead of being a mindless parrot ask yourself if it is fair that the dominant media and institutions push an agenda while declaring themselves unbiased speakers of truth. Do you not care that you are lied to and manipulated?

  2. Good points, Julianne! I totally agree, and by the way, you are not a mindless parrot! You are a very intelligent woman. Love you!

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