30-Day Challenge

We all have something that we say we should do differently. I know I should be avoiding screens 45 minutes before bed. Studies have proven the blue light from televisions and phones suppresses the production of melatonin, keeping us awake longer.

But we both know it’s not that easy! Sometimes it feels nice to fall asleep to a movie. And how hard is it not to check email or reply to texts just before heading to sleepy town? I know from experience that while habits are hard to break, it starts with one small step.

For this challenge, let’s each choose a habit we not only know we should change, but something we could change to better ourselves and do it for 30 days! In the end, we’ll either have adopted a new way of living or we’ll decide it wasn’t for us. Either way, we’ll feel great knowing we made a change with good intentions and that we have control over our vices. It’s a win/win!

Not sure what to ditch for thirty days? Here are some ideas inspired by many of your Ask Jules emails:

• Limit daily caffeine.
• Go sugar-free.
• Don’t pick at blemishes.
• Stop biting nails.
• Go to bed earlier.
• Clear out your email inbox each day.

What will your 30-day challenge be?

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  1. This is such as great idea! I need to focus on letting go and not worry so much. I’m going to try to this by thinking of 5 things I’m grateful each morning and constantly remind myself of those things whenever I find myself overwhelmed.

  2. Haha very nice article. I have just discovered you and your blog and I like it a lot. I’m actually in a 30 days challenge as well and this is my 9th day. I call it Glow Skin Challenge. I have noticed a bad condition of my skin and i decided to give up on sugar, alcohol, wheat, dairy. Due to the Orthodox Lent now, I also had to give up on meat, eggs and fish. I am a huge sweet lover, I love baking, making pastries, it’s my passion and I hope my sweet blog followers won’t deny me for this. Anyway, after this challenge, I really take into consideration changing some eating bad habits. Love life!

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