4 Steps To Winter Skin Bliss

I’ve gotten several questions in my Ask Jules inbox about changing your skincare routine for the cold winter months. Because LA is a little different than the rest of the world when it comes to chilly temps, I brought in my expert in all things skincare: Spencer Barnes. Not only is Spencer my go-to when it comes to getting glam but he’s also the man with a plan for keeping your skin looking and feeling its best. His advice, like always, was right on point.

Spencer explained that for many, the winter months can cause a change in skin conditions. Our skin is the largest human organ and therefore the front-line defense of the immune system, so a little extra TLC goes a long way! He pointed out if you have normal to oily skin during the warmer months, you may find that in the cooler months your skin actually moves to normal or even dry. So if that sounds like you, definitely hang on to this for later this year.

Spencer’s Steps to Winter Skin Perfection

Add in a scrub or exfoliator into your shower routine 2-3 times per week. This will ensure that you are keeping your skin health in peak state by encouraging cell turn-over, reduce dry patches and slough off sun damage from the summer months. One of my all time favorite exfoliating scrubs is Exfolikate by Kate Somerville. I also encourage the use of natural enzyme blends from lemon, pineapple, and grapefruit juices. These AHA/BHA’s combine to slough off dead cells, smooth skin texture, refine pores, increase luminosity, increase elasticity and stimulate collagen growth. There are many body washes that have these incredible ingredients like VI-Derm’s Exfoliating Body and Jergen’s Skin Smoothing Gentle Exfoliating Moisturizer.

By using targeted serums underneath your moisturizers, you are delivering powerful nutrients into your routine before you seal them in with moisturizer and sun-screen. Some of my favorite ingredients are Vitamin C, Retinols (Vitamin A), E, Hyaluronic Acid, cucumber natural botanicals.

When you properly hydrate, you actually seal and protect your skin as well. Night creams can be really helpful during the winter months to super hydrate, plum and firm during the night — but if you haven’t properly exfoliated your product may be sitting on top of those dry dead layers, rather then penetrating and hydrating. Dry oils like Dilo oil can also help.

Even in the winter months SPF has its advantages. It can be the perfect time of year to work on stubborn sunspots by really staying clear of the sun and allow you to refresh your face palette for the spring months ahead. I recommend doing peels and laser treatments during the winter months specifically because of the advantage decreased UV exposure adds to the effectiveness of the process.

Bonus Winter Skin Tips For Your Body

Besides using hydrating lip balms, sometimes a good winter lip scrub can help remove those chapped dry layers, like Merle Norman Lip Exfoliator or Fresh Sugar Lip Serum.

Keep a companion hand lotion next to your hand-washes as dry winter months can mean cracked and irritated hands. One of my favorite hand/foot treatments is the Burt’s Bees Hand Salve. I like to out it on each night, and if you ever have extra dry feet or want them to soften you can blend it into your feet then put on night socks for sleeping to help it stay in place and work through the night — without transferring it to your floors.

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