4 Tips To Achieving Your Dream Home Office

A few months ago I asked the girls from E. Interiors to share their tips on designing the perfect space. I love their style and was thrilled to have them back again to talk about their new home office space! Even if you go to school or an office every day, it’s important to have a space in your home where you can sit down and really focus.

The E. Interiors’ office upgrade is so cute — I hope it inspires you to create the work space of your dreams!


Hey everyone! It’s Megan here, half of the mother/daughter design duo behind E. Interiors, and we are thrilled to be back here on Jules’ blog to share a recent office makeover I did for my own home.



To give you a little bit of background, I am a mom of three kiddos and I work from home (doing interior design and running a lifestyle blog) so I need a very functional and practical space. Most offices need to be that way, right?! We currently live in a rental home in southern California but I really wanted to make this space feel like my own.


I knew the desk would be the centerpiece of the room, so when I found this desk I was so excited. It is one of my very favorite pieces in my office. It’s a great size, not too small or too big and I love the midcentury look to it. When I envisioned my office, I knew I wanted an eclectic feel so I mixed wood tones, textures and colors.


I have been in love with this chair for quite some time, so I had to snag one. I love the wood and leather combination and it is actually very comfortable. It really is perfect because my kids or husband often come in and want to chat while I am working so now they have their own chair. Or maybe it will become the time out chair, haha! Just kidding (or not).


This darker rug adds the perfect weight to the space while still being neutral. It really anchors my small office room. I definitely needed storage so when I found the small 3 drawer piece of furniture, I knew it would be perfect to house my printer and keep my stuff organized. The shelves add dimension as well as space for my office supplies and the miss-matched floral prints bring just the right amount of femininity to my office. I can’t wait to get to work in my new space.


In conjunction with my office reveal and sharing some of my favorite aspects of an office space, I thought it would be fun to leave you guys with some tips and ideas that we use everyday when working with our clients and designing spaces for them:

Pick your big item first. Typically this is either your rug or your biggest piece of furniture depending on what room you are decorating. This piece/pieces set the tone for your space. You can then base your decisions off of that and you have a great starting point. Purchase these items, get them in your space and go from there. The last thing you want to do is decorate your space and then try and find the perfect rug that coordinates with all the pillows you already have or the upholstery on your furniture.

The days of “matchy matchy” are over. Don’t pigeonhole yourself into one style. It’s like how people used to tell you that you can’t wear black and navy blue together! Not true. Mixing wood tones, textures, colors and styles is in right now. If you like it, do it.

I like to balance the spaces I design with clean lines and white pieces. You can never go wrong with white. In fact, one of our mottos is “when in doubt, go with white.” White furniture or accents bring a breath of fresh air to your space. It always works and goes with everything!

When getting started, it can be very helpful to come up with a color palette to work off of. This will get you going in the right direction when picking art, accessories and textiles. I love a fun art gallery (as seen in my office) or a variation of pillows. Remember to keep your big pieces neutral and timeless and add your pops of color in your decor – that way as styles change, you only have to switch out a pillow or two as opposed to a red/pink/purple couch that you just had to have.

We hope you find these tips helpful and if you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us. We love Julianne and are glad we got to stop by today. Good luck on your design projects, you’ve got this!


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Images courtesy of E. Interiors.

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