5 On-the-Go Tips To Stay Fit

Hey guys! Here are some great, quick and easy tips from my trainer Astrid McGuire! I’m constantly on the go and never know the next time I’ll be able to hit the gym, so I love any tricks that’ll help keep me active. Thanks, Astrid! xox

1. Always have a pair of workout clothes and running shoes in your car. You never know when your schedule might free up and you could take a class or go for a hike. Fryman Canyon in Studio City, CA, is one of my favorite trails!

2. Anywhere can be a gym and anything can become gym equipment! A chair in your home can be used to do step-ups, static lunges, incline, decline pushups for your chest and back, dips for your triceps…the list goes on. Get creative!

3. Fitness balls are the best. While you’re watching your favorite TV show, get a few ab workouts in during commercial breaks.

4. This one is a little funny, but walk around your house doing lunges! You can pair this with doing squats, pretty much anywhere in the house. Both are amazing for your butt and legs.

5. Last but certainly not least, put your workout in your calendar like you would your hair appointment, lunch with friends, etc. And don’t cancel!

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  1. So excited for your blog : D I’d be super interested in what you do daily to stay looking lovely! Maybe a post on an average daily diet/exercise??!

  2. Love your blog. Do what you do, because you’re doing it good..No you’re doing it PERFECTT!! ;-).. Love from your fan in the Netherlands -xxx- Sarah

  3. Omg I love all of this! It’s greatttt, I would love to see outfit posts! Also are you ever gunna take move live on tour to the UK??

  4. Omg I love all of this! It’s greatttt, I would love to see outfit posts! Also are you ever gunna take move live on tour to the UK??

  5. Love the idea of keeping workout clothes and sneakers with you at all times! Definitely gonna steal that idea for my trip to Hawaii coming up.

    I would love if you would do a post on stretching – especially to get splits. With all your dancing experience I know you gotta know some good stretches I’ve never tried.

    Thanks! Love love love your site – can’t wait to see more 😀

  6. Love this, quick ways to stay fit no matter what comes your way. Always put it in my phone calendar as an appointment and get it done first thing in the morning. For me, if I don’t run my butt off first thing in the morning (long runs or interval sprints) I will find an excuse not to do it later. That way, if you knock it out first thing in morn, it starts your day off great and you have the rest of the day to concentrate on other exciting things 🙂

  7. Last year’s Move Live Tour inspired me to work out. I can’t wait for this summers tour. Only going to 3 of them. Lol. One in Radio City and both shows at Mohegan Sun.

  8. Jules!! This is such an exciting idea. Since we are all sharing ideas and tips I wanted to let you know how much radiation cell phones have. Every time you touch your cell phone radiation is seeping into that part of your body. This is a very scary idea, I know and cell phones are a necessity in our culture but! if skin cancer, brain cancer or breast cancer run in your family keeping your cell phone away from your that part of your body can keep you healthy long term.

  9. Jules, congrats on your new site! It’s an awesome idea, very inspiring, and most of all fun to read because it comes straight from your heart! Look forward to new posts. On that note, any new juices you’ve tried making which you also enjoy?

  10. Julianne,
    I have no idea where to begin. Let’s just start with WOW- you are a complete inspiration to me. I have been a follower of yours for quite sometime. Your energy is so empowering. Last summer I visited Atlanta, GA (from SC) to the Move Live On Tour. I do believe I became more obsessed that night. To be able to witness how someone like you can be so open into your life is amazing. My husband actually just walked by and said, “you really like her don’t you?”… The answer is yes. Your determination, enthusiasm, and the way your portray yourself to your fans is more encouraging than you will ever know. Now, I can’t wait to check out these textured hair tutorials and share recipes!
    Thank you,

  11. Jules, tanks for dis post, like, I needed it. Ve being lazy for a year now, just started veggie juicing four days ago, #fitness #healthyliving

  12. JULES…..PLEASE READ!! THIS PICTURE ABOVE WITH CAPTION 5 ON THE GO TIPS…IS THAT YOUR PHONE IN YOUR SPORTS TOP???? Please take it out!!!! There is current documentation that cell phones worn in sports bras can lead to Breast Cancer. I am a survivor and my Breast Surgeon has done numerous research on this topic. You are such an inspiration to so many…I just want you to stay healthy so we can all appreciate and continue to admire you and all you give to others.

  13. Jules I was wondering if you could record a short video of the exercises you can do with a chair? I thought wont you fall since a chair is not that stable afterall?O.o Just wondering… And wow your advices are so amazing….squats are definately useful and tiring…hehe.

  14. You have to refer to your fabulous dance videos. Some people don’t remember that you did that; they are amazing. Also, I’m pretty sure that the title of the category is Health as oppose to healthy.Looking forward to seeing your workout . This site is great- super accessible.

  15. You and Astrid need to do a fitness DVD together! I’m still super addicted to your dance cardio DVDs and it would be amazing if you did another!

  16. Hey you are looking hot these days and your girls are smart to be hanging out with you! Lexi might want to take a note from Harley on the next hike!

  17. Just now reading this and couldn’t agree more with walking around the house doing lunges and squats! I do it all the time! And if I’m just standing I’ll do calf raises till I find something to do ?

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