Julianne Hough


About That Bikini Scene…

Safe Haven Bikini

This is what I get for indulging in all of that great Southern fried food in Southport, North Carolina. We basically shot the whole beach scene with my character, Katie, and Josh Duhamel’s character, Alex in my shorts and a tank top because that’s what was in the script and that is who the character is. A couple weeks later, they’re like, ‘We need a bikini shot!’ Of course they did! I was like, ‘But Katie wouldn’t wear a bikini…’ Well, we did it and it was good for the film. But I had to go from eating that Southern food to quickly cutting out all carbs, no salt, no sugar, no alcohol and stick to protein and veggies and lots of water…and more cardio! It was worth it! -Julianne



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