Ask Jules: Beauty Edition Part 2

Having a clear complexion is more than merely a surface situation. I know when I have a monster blemish I tend to be more standoff-ish and a little less confident. I can’t help but wonder when talking to someone, “Are they looking at me, or are they looking at my pimple?!”

Feeling good about my skin and appearance gives me an added sense of security. Like so many of you, I have tried endless amounts of products and treatments. The fact is, we all have different chemistry; it’s not a one-potion-fixes-all situation.

Sometimes in tougher cases it’s better to have a professional guide us in the right direction. The same can be said about make-up application. It’s not always about having the perfect red lip. Some of us weren’t blessed with a full brow and by filling it in, we feel like the better version of us. I say, whatever it takes to help you feel stronger, more confident and happier is what you should seek!


Dear Julianne,

First of all you are my role model and I am so glad you started your website.  I read something new on it everyday and it always inspires me.  Anyways, my face has been looking really dry, and yours just looks amazing. I was wondering if you had any suggestions on getting a smoother softer face?  If you have any, I am dying to know! 

Thank you so much!

Much Love,


I’m so glad my site inspires you! That makes me so happy.

When my skin gets very dry, I give it extra moisturizing love around the clock. At night, I’ll slather on a heavy cream and
during the day I’ll use a less thick (but still protective) moisturizer. In addition, I’ll gently exfoliate 1-2 times a week to remove dead or flaky skin. Look for creams that are non-comedogenic to avoid breakouts, and only have active ingredients — so definitely skip the fragrance.

Last but certainly not least, drink plenty of water! Our skin needs hydration from the inside out.


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Hi Julianne!

I am a huge fan! You are such an inspiration to me and women everywhere. I’m writing to you because I was wondering if you wouldn’t mind sharing your skin care regimen with me. I have always had great skin, but lately I am breakout central! I have tried so many different products and nothing is working. I don’t know what to do anymore. My pores on my forehead are super clogged and no amount of product or facials is helping.

Your skin is always radiant and amazing, so I figured I would take a chance and reach out to you to ask your advice. I’m only 25, and it’s definitely discouraging and frustrating to all of a sudden have terrible skin and makes me super self conscious. If you have any advice, I would appreciate your wise words of wisdom immensely!!!!

Thank you so much!!



I feel for you! I used to have troubled skin, too. Everyone has a different skin type (oily, sensitive, dry, or even a combination of all those) so my skin regimen might not be right for you. In fact, it could make your skin worse!

What I can tell you, is the more products you mess with, the more you’ll upset your skin as it tries to adjust to new formulas. Too many active ingredients and frequent facials could also keep your skin in panic mode. Often, less is more. My suggestion is to make an appointment with a dermatologist (most are even covered by your health insurance).

Bring the products you’re using with you to see if they’re the right ones for your skin type. A doctor can steer you in the right direction and maybe even prescribe you something stronger if you need it.

Good luck!


Hi Jules!!

I’ve loved watching you on DWTS and since then have followed your career and I think you’re great!! I have issues filling in my eyebrows. HELP ME! I don’t know what the best product to use is, how to fill them in correctly and what’s the best color for me. You are a blonde just like me and your eyebrows always look SO great!! So I was hoping you could do a tutorial on how it can be done.




Eyebrows just happen to be my specialty! When it comes to your shade, I suggest testing out options in person. For a natural look, choose a color equal to or lighter than your own. For something bolder, go for a shade slightly darker and apply with delicately.

I am definitely going to do a full brow tutorial here on the site very soon, but in the mean time here are my step-by-step instructions and product suggestions to up your brow game:

1. Brush your brow hairs upward, so you can see the sparse areas clearly.

2. Using light strokes — aka feathering — follow your natural brow with the pen or pencil. By creating tiny dashes the strokes of color will look more like real hairs as opposed to an unnatural-looking pencil line.

3. Smooth your brows back down into place with a gel.

Here are some of my favorite brow products. Let me know what you try and how it goes!


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  1. josie- I had the same problem with my skin being super dry. i used olay moisturizer and many drug store brands, but felt like my skin was still “thirsty”, yet i had oily skin. I went into sephora and was told about this product…Erborian Yuza Sorbet Featherweight Emulsion
    the price put me off at first, but with sephora, you can use the product and if you really don’t like it, you can return it. well, i have to say, it’s the best product i’ve purchased. my skin is “quenched” without making me break out! I truly love this product and maybe it will work for you- if not, at least you know you can return it. And since you only need a little bit, it’s be lasting pretty long as well. maybe it will help you!

    melinda- I had the same problem at around 25 (i’m 29 now) and i looked into DCL products based on a dermatologists recommendation. i agree with Jules- you should ask a derm for your own skin- but i will tell you the active cleanser helped my skin so much! I no longer break out and it doesn’t dry my skin out (i have combination skin). it all started with using that product (and also they have sunscreen that I use when i am out in the sun and it doesnt clog my pores). I usually get it from but not sure if it’s on there right now. Hope that helps!

  2. I wanted to chime in and share that my skin has never been more clear and hydrated since I started moisturizing with organic, unrefined coconut oil at night (too greasy for the day). Coconut oil has anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties (in addition to its amazing hydrating qualities), and I have stopped breaking out since I started using it. It’s my holy grail!

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