Ask Jules: Dreamy Bedroom Decor

Hi Jules,

I need your help! I live in Toronto and bought a condo about a year ago (yay for home ownership!). I’ve slowly been making it my own, but have really struggled to come up with a plan for my bedroom.


As you can see, my bedroom is white on white on white and needs some sprucing up! I’ve recently purchased a grey padded headboard to start my redecorating, but haven’t been successful coming up with a plan to make it feel like the perfect escape. I love the look of shiplap and gallery walls, but have been cautious adding those as I don’t have a lot of square footage.


I’ve included pictures of what I’m working with; you’ll see I have big blank wall and have no idea what to put there, also need help with what to do above my headboard. Do I remove the mirrors over the bedside tables? Add in shiplap wallpaper on the wall? So many questions — would love help!!!

Thank you,


Congrats on your new condo! As exciting as it is to have a clean slate, it’s also daunting because the options are endless! I love the grey padded bed and headboard! This style is classic and comfortable.

I am a big believer in bedrooms being decorated with serenity, rest and relaxation in mind. To me, that translates to light, natural colors and a clean aesthetic. Luckily, you’re mostly there with all that white!

I do like the mirrors next to your bed but I’d like to see them above your bed, hung horizontally and spaced apart. What do you think? If you decide not to use those, a gallery wall would look really nice (the gallery wall plus those mirrors might be a bit much).

I’d keep the frames light and simple and choose consistent art or photos (for example: all black and whites or all nature images) to keep with your “perfect escape” vibe.

I’ve created a mood board below with items I’d choose to turn the place you dream into a dreamy space. Keep me posted on the renovations!

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  2. I’d recommend Heard about them from a friend and since it was time to redecorate I decided to use their service. They had so many beautiful room options and with one click I was done!

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