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Starting and maintaining a blog isn’t quite as simple as write, click, post. There’s a whole lot more to being a bona fide blogger. Gurtej’s email brought me back a few years before I had my website up and running. I had many of the same concerns as she does, like: Would anyone visit the site? Would they be as inspired as I hoped? How do I keep you guys coming back? I am happy to say I’ve learned a lot about blogging and I’m happy to share it here!

Hi Jules!

My name is Gurtej Matharu and I love your blog, it is truly filled with positivity and inspiration.
I was wondering if you have any advice to blogging beginners? This October I started my blog called Cup of Tea for Thought.

I am having so much fun with the blog, but I cannot help but feel as if it is not going anywhere. I started a blog for me, because I was having some trouble adjusting to the new University I go to, but I also started the blog because I wanted to be able to inspire people the way people have inspired me through their blogs.

I know I have just started and things like this take time, but I was wondering if you could give me some advice?

Thank you so much!!

PS: Thanks to your challenge post, I started a challenge for myself this month! I call it the December to Remember Challenge, it is basically a challenge to make the most out of life’s little things from taking a walk in the park with my dog to volunteering where ever help is needed.

All the Best,
Gurtej Matharu


First of all, your blog is awesome! And that Lazy French Toast looks insanely good. Below you’ll find three of my top tips to reaching blogger success!

1. Be authentically you.
I believe authenticity is the most important aspect to having a blog. Your writing is much more exciting and engaging when you’re dishing about things you are truly passionate about and believe in, and you’ll find your audience will be excited, too.

2. Keep it on the regular.
Have consistency in your posts so your readers know when to expect something new. I always post on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays! This allows you to plan your posts ahead and even schedule them to be published at exactly the same time on these days.

3. Engage with your readers.
When people leave you questions or comments, respond! Your blog will become even stronger when you are part of a supportive community. It’s so fun to see how people interact with your blog content, and when you join in the conversation it makes it even more rewarding. It’s also a good idea to comment on blogs you love and find a community there. You’ll be surprised at how many online friends you can make who share your same passions and hobbies!

Thank you for writing me, Gurtej. Best of luck with your blog — I know it will be wildly successful!


If you have any questions you’d like me to tackle, please email me at I love hearing from all of you!

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