Ask Jules: Conquering Your Fears

Spiders. Heights. Crowds. These are just a few of the common fears people face every day. Overcoming them isn’t easy — but it is completely achievable. I love Leah’s commitment to overcoming her fear of flying; she isn’t going to let anything stand in the way of her family trip or any other future journey.

What fears have you overcome? If you have any tips for Leah please leave them in the comments!

Hi Jules,

I was wondering if you had any advice or tips for on travelling on planes.

I’m absolutely petrified of flying regardless of how long or short the flight is. I always end up having panic attacks and picturing the worst scenarios possible. My family are planning a trip to America so my little sister and I can go to Disney World, which has been a dream of ours forever!

Although I want to be really excited, the flight from the UK is 8 hours and I don’t know how I’m going to be able to deal with being on a plane for that long. I don’t want the flight to put me off going, and was wondering if you had any advice on how I could make the journey a little more comfortable and less daunting?

Thank you,

Leah x

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Look how much fun we’re all having at Disney World!


I recognize that your fears of flying are substantial and completely legitimate, and I commend you for being open to overcoming them. That alone is a HUGE deal so I’m giving you a high five for that! I have several ideas for you to make your journey a smooth one.

• Create a playlist of songs that make you feel a sense of calm. Take it with you on your flight. Some of my favorites include: Coldplay, Adele, Enya, and Airstream.

• Download uplifting movies to keep you engaged during your flight. I’d go for some romantic comedies.

• Learn how to meditate and practice it before your trip. There are some fantastic guides online and on youtube. This might help you stay calm and present when your imagination starts to wander into a dark place.

• Consider speaking to your doctor about alternative options. Anxiety and panic disorders are medical conditions, after all. They might suggest something to help you feel more at ease the day of and during your flight.

• Coloring books aren’t just for kids! Studies have shown that coloring can shift your focus and reduce stress.

Disney World is most definitely one of the happiest places on earth. You’re going to have an incredible time with your family. Getting there will take some work on your part, but it will all be so worth it — and by the time you arrive you’ll have accomplished so much already! I am confident you will overcome these fears and be super proud of yourself for it. We’ll all be proud of you, too!


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  1. Coloring was always my GO TO flying… which I HATE!!!!
    & I actually found a pilot that describes things with planes to try & help a mind that needs to understand everything. It actually is calming to know certain things – facts & figures. If you’re a logical person, it helps a lot.

  2. Traveling can be tough! I would also recommend getting to the airport early. The stress of running behind while waiting in a long security line and the having to rush to your gate will only add to your anxiety.
    Tasha Juli

  3. I agree with the coloring! Also Leah don’t hesitate to let one of the flight attendants know you have some anxiety.. my friend who is a flight attendant recommended I inform them every time I flew. They are used to it and will comfort you ( not in a baby way) but will do check ins with you and make you as comfortable as possible. It made me feel a whole lot better! I hope this helps and good luck!

  4. I am so agreeing with all these tips!
    Take a book with you as well, it will place your mind into a complete different world.

    And I agree with Nikki, inform the flight attendants, they are the pros in making your flight comfortable.

    Good luck and have fun at Disney!

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