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I’ve always had an interest in interior design, but it wasn’t until I started working on my dream home that it became a full-on passion. I partnered with creative genius Jake Arnold to make my visions a reality, and he really helped me achieve exactly what I had imagined. Together we created a sanctuary I still get excited to come home to.

The icing on the cake was having the honor of being featured in Better Homes and Gardens magazine! We’ve since received a ton of emails like the one below from Amy. I’m happy to help your design dreams come true — we should all have a sanctuary awaiting us after a long day away from home!



Ok, am I absolutely dying to know where you got/what fabric your pillow is on the cover of BH&G!! (The greenish/ blue one behind the Zak+Fox one)… I’ve been looking for a color like that everywhere and it’s always either too blue or too green and never quite right! I love its texture as well! Would love it if you could tell me about it :).

Thank you!!



The pillow you love is from a company called Roost, which is open to the trade only but luckily you can purchase the brand elsewhere. The one in Jules’ house is no longer available anywhere, we looked! But there are many similar textures and styles on the market.

I usually tend to stick to muted, dusty, washed out colors and textures because I find bright colors jarring and too high contrast. This works so well in Jules’ living room because the space is light and airy while having a richness to it. The pillow pulls out great colors from the antique rug.

Here are some options for great pillows that are similar to the ones Julianne has:

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– Jake xx

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