Ask Jules: Keep Calm and Carry Confidence

One of the greatest joys in my life is hearing stories about your successes and knowing you all are happy, thriving, reaching and achieving your goals. This letter from Taranah made me “wahoo!” out loud! Talk about an inspiring, goal-slaying rock star. I’m proud of Taranah’s success and am honored to have been a very small part of it — let’s be real, this was all you girl! Following this great Ask Jules email are the takeaways Taranah is referring to from my interview with Lewis Howes. Hope the video inspires you to be an even better you, too!

Dear Julianne,

I wanted to share something with you and say thank you for it! I’m in my second year at university studying psychology and we have to take a mandatory course in statistics and coding for which the exam is very difficult. Even though I studied really hard all year, I was extremely anxious during the months leading up to the exam. I tried to be balanced by meditating and working out every day, things both you and my mom advocate! But, I was still very nervous and lacked confidence — and then I watched your interview on success with Lewis Howes from 2015 and somehow it felt like what you said flicked a switch in my brain and I started practicing what you said about breathing and about looking in the mirror and building up your own confidence even when you don’t feel confident or believe the things you’re saying. I watched parts of it every time I started feeling anxious and then practiced your tips.

I got my results today and on this course, which is difficult even to pass, I got 91%! I credit you with a lot of that because all the knowledge I had would never have been enough if I lacked the confidence and calmness to apply it in a stressful situation.

Thank you thank you thank you — you are amazing in every way!

I realise you have an incredibly busy life so of course I’m not expecting an answer but I really hope you read this because I so wanted you to know 🙂

Lots of Love,

Dear Taranah,

The definition of success is different for everyone. In the last few years I’ve decided I’d rather be known for who I am and not for what I’ve accomplished. If that legacy has to do with positivity, inspiration, and kindness, then I would consider myself a success!

I live by my daily rituals that remind me of this bigger picture, and help keep me from getting bogged down in the details. I’ve found that when I start dwelling too deeply on things is when the doubt can start creeping in. By staying on track and keeping up with my routine I can more easily stay true to who I am, and that means being confident in my own skin and with my own abilities.

I’m so impressed with your dedication to being the best version of you, and I love that it paid off in a very real and visible way. Congratulations on your fantastic marks, but I know your future holds even bigger things than making incredible grades. You’re going to be such a success in life!

Please keep in touch and keep me posted on all your victories. I can’t wait to see what your future holds!


Do you have a daily ritual that helps keep you centered and focused? Share your secrets in the comments!

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  1. Well as a guy it gives me more confidence that the world is not all bad when I get my daily online dose of Julianne Hough.

  2. Love this so much! My mentors taught me a “Morning Formula” – a document I created that I read every morning. I also have my clients doing a version of this. I think it’s crucial to starting every day off on the right foot.

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