How To Get (And Stay!) Motivated

When it comes to making new healthy habits, most often the hardest part of following through is getting started. If you’re not used to it, just the thought of working out or meal planning can be exhausting. What has helped me get up and at it when I wasn’t feeling particularly motivated was planning ahead, anticipating my needs, and staying organized.

I’m not a fan of depravation of any kind. If I need a lazy day — I’m taking one! If I want to destroy a bag of chips — consider them gone! It’s all about living a balanced life. That said, on most days I make choices that are good for my body from the inside out. It’s not always easy, but it makes me feel better in the long run.

If you have motivating advice for Audrey, Nikaila, or Angela, please share in the comments!


Dear Jules,
My name is Audrey Williams. I am 15 years old. I really want to start a healthy life style but it is really hard for me to get motivated. It is always so easy to grab a candy bar or chips, when I get the munchies, and before I know it the whole bag of chips has been devoured. I would also like to start a regular routine of going to the gym but after a long day of school work it is a struggle to get myself going. I was wondering if you have any advice on how to get motivated to actually start on this course of being healthy? Thank you for all of your inspirational thoughts.

With love,

I hear you on those chips and candy bars! The best solution I’ve found to stay healthy when it comes to snacking is to have smart options on hand, at all times. I always keep an emergency protein bar (one with high protein, low sugar) in my bag just in case I’m in a pinch. To avoid that pinch, I keep my fridge stocked with options I like and pre-packaged snacks I can grab and go.

Try pre-portioning out your snacks in plastic baggies or small containers so they’re available when you’re needing a little something and easy to toss in your bag on your way out the door. Some of my favorites include:

• 4 cut celery sticks filled with 2 tablespoons of almond or peanut butter
• 1 sliced apple sprinkled with cinnamon
• 2 hard boiled eggs sprinkled with paprika or pepper
• ¾ a cup of shelled edamame

Just remember, you got this!


Hey Julianne!
My name is Nikaila and I like to work out once I get started. But my trouble is getting started! What can I do to get motivated? How do you motivate yourself? And I am running out of workouts to do. It seems like I am always running. Do you have any favorite workouts that you would recommend to me? Thanks!


I agree — getting started is always the hardest part! I try to get my workouts in first thing in the morning so there’s no excuse or lack of motivation later in the day. If running is getting boring to you, definitely mix things up. It shouldn’t feel like a chore! You should enjoy getting your sweat on. Look for exciting squat challenges on Instagram or videos on youtube. There are many awesome ways to mix it up right at your fingertips!

Let me know if you find a workout you love!


Hi Julianne!
My name is Angela and I’m 19; sorry if this email is not written in perfect English but I’m Italian! I really love your blog because is so fresh, positive and different that makes me want to live better! But I have a problem: I’m LAZY! I want to try, do and learn so amazing different things but When I’m on the point to do them I just lay on my bed and turn on my phone…I’m terrible. Most of the time my laziness prevails on everything and it doesn’t allow me to take enough care of me and of my body (cause I’m a girl and I dream a toned body and eat healthy). How can I fight my laziness, be more active and stay motivated?

Thank you for your time! 


Rise and shine! You already know you’re being lazy so instead of accepting this behavior, do something about it. You’ll feel incredible and empowered once you get up and going.

Starting today, I am challenging you to go for a 30-minute walk every day for one week. The first three walks can be leisurely and at your own pace, but on day four it’s time to punch things up. Put on some fast tunes and power walk your way through your neighborhood.

On week two, I want you to do 45 minutes of power walking every day for seven days.

From there, find an active activity you enjoy and do it at least twice a week. Hiking, dance class, yoga — anything that gets you moving and toning.

Come on, you got this!


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  1. My favorite motivational tool is to get visual with my progress. I’ll put a big red happy checkmark on my calendar on the days I workout. That way, seeing how many times I’ve gone inspires me to continue, AND it kicks my butt to go if it’s been too long (it’s hard to deny when it’s staring you in the face!)

  2. I like to take a long walk with the dog. I’m walking him everyday about 30-45 minutes and I love it. I get some fresh air and moving before I head to work and it’s also a good start for my dog too. On weekends I like to drive to the woods and run with him for an hour. It’s so much more fun if you have someone running with you and he’s a wonderful motivator.
    I get lazy a lot too and to get started I begin to put on my gym clothes it really helps ?

    Greetings from Germany

  3. I definitely agree that the hardest part is starting a new workout. Once you do though. It’s a piece of cake.

  4. I agree with Julianne about keeping healthy snacks on hand. I would just add, the easiest way not to eat the junk food is not to buy it! When you choose only to have healthy options around, it’s a LOT easier to just eat those. Because in my experience, if it’s there, I will eat it! Make it easy for yourself. 😉

  5. It is definitely a life style change. I went from being 220 lbs to 130 lbs. I Watched what I ate and started working out. Took me 3 years to loose the weight. Started running. Have done 2 half marathons and doing Walt Disney world dopey challenge in Jan. It just takes that first step AND you have to love the exercise that you are doing because if u don’t it will feel like a chore and u won’t do it. Do what makes you happy even if its dancing in your house ?

  6. My advice is if you need to get started get started. Thinking about what you’ll have to do once you do get started equals doubting. Doubting equals never getting started. So just get started! Stop thinking of all the other alternatives that you think are good for you. Like watching TV or playing computer games. Things like that are actually pointless and destroy you. Love yourself and don’t deprive yourself of the chance to find out what an amazing person you might be.

  7. As a competitive tennis player, tennis is a really great workout for your body because it works most muscles in your legs and your arms. It is also fun to get together with friends and play, then go over to somebody’s house to swim (if you are in a hot climate). I also enjoy a dance workout to work on flexibility and to give my body and mind a break from the court! Have fun and think about what you will look and feel like after two weeks of being active!

  8. Something I find extremely helpful is having a workout buddy so they can help motivate you! You’re way less likely to bail on a workout if you have a friend counting on you! We love to go to classes together too. I’m a huge fan of spin, especially at 6am to kick off the day!

  9. here is what I’ve done as a gradual way to get started. I am older and working from my home so I tend to not move around a lot. I received a FitBit for a gift. This small device has given me an awareness. I wanted to see how many steps a day my mundane routine really amounted to. I noticed I started making myself get up more often just to see if I could reach a goal. I then added a nutrional program that incorpates protein shakes for breakfast and lunch. Works for my long hours at a desk on the phone. I then eat a “fork and knife” dinner but could be lunch if you want. Working well for 30 days so far. I then walk after dinner. I start at a gym next week. So take baby steps. Get a device that works for your budget and lifestyle. Walking around the school campus, the mall or the park amounts to more than you realize. If you live at home, move your unhealthy snacks to another cabinet so they are not always in your line of sight. All psychological when you can’t see it you learn not to think about it. Good luck girls!

  10. really motivational advice! I’m 15 too and i find having a friend to go to the gym with makes it more fun and often they motivate you too and it means you’ve got to go because someone is relying on you! its too easy to go I’m too busy and miss doing exercise! i also find it useful keeping a study schedule (search the organised student- they have amazing free printables) because you can see what times your free to do exercise and you can book it in x

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