Ask Jules Vol. 2

You guys emailed me so many great questions about your home décor! Below I gave you my two cents and in addition, brought in my super talented interior designer Jake Arnold.


Hey, Jules!!
So I have been seriously dating a mountain man and with all of the fun outdoor adventures comes the (icky) manly decor. Think: deer and elk skulls, bull riding pics, mounted fish, hodgepodge furniture and spurs. I am trying to slowly introduce him to better style (my style is more vintage chic- rustic wood, mirrors, black, white, grey with pops of color). I bought him a log bed for Christmas and need your help with how to blend our styles while still making him comfortable — he asked me to move in.

Thank you so much!!

I completely understand your predicament because I went through the same thing when Brooks and I moved in together. I hope your boyfriend sees what a great partner you are to take into consideration both your tastes!

Jake has some stellar advice for you. He says, “My advice when it comes to blending styles is to think creatively and out of the box. Take the example of the log bed you bought for your guy and incorporate beautiful linen bedding that softens the whole look. Adds pops of color and print with decorative pillows and throws. This would take on a vintage feel and work well with your aesthetic. If he wants to display masculine items such as skulls and everything that freaks you out, you can make a great vignette with a feminine shaped mirror on the wall with a console beneath and place these items on the console. This will create an eclectic mix of styles and finishes that won’t be either too masculine or feminine. Ultimately balance is everything, so you can have it all and create a perfect space for two people colliding homes. Just be ruthless and effortless.”


Hi, Jules!!!
Big fan of you and your lifestyle page!! I am getting ready to redo our master bathroom and I am obsessed with the tile in your bathroom selfie for eos products!!!! Please tell me manufacture info??????


A photo posted by Julianne Hough (@juleshough) on

Thanks for the compliment! I love my master bathroom — it’s actually my favorite room in the house! The tiles are from Heath Ceramics and the idea of this collection was to incorporate new design and modern aesthetic with organic sensibilities. I like this timeless and classic style for my house, which is more transitional and eclectic as opposed to modern.

Jake has some great tips for your master bath remodel. He says, “When choosing bathroom tiles, my first and most important advice is to consider how you want your space to feel: fresh? bright? moody? sexy? This will dictate your color scheme and tile shape. Tile can make or break the space so it is not only what tile you choose but also its application. If you have a small space it is better to be more dramatic and tile all walls from floor to ceiling. This creates the illusion of space and impact. If you have a larger space you can mix materials and use various tile sizes to create a different look. A good tip to remember is less is more, in my opinion. It’s been said forever but it’s true. Unless you are working with a more traditional space don’t get caught up in tons of borders and small details because it’s a trend that won’t last. Another tip that I think gets overlooked is paying attention to your grout color as this can dramatically affect the overall look and feel of a tile. Take for example, a subway tile used with a dark grout as opposed to a white grout. The subway tile takes on a whole new form and looks more chic and edgy. A tile that I think works well in all style houses is a cement material with beautiful prints, shapes and sizes. Check out Clé Tile for some inspiration!”


Are you a neat freak or are you a clutterer? (is that a word?) I want my apartment to be neat and tidy but I’m SUCH a stacker! I just get things cleaned up then I’ve got piles again!! I’m creative and have projects going on all the time. That could be part of it. Hmmmm. Any advice?


I too can clutter up a room like nobody’s business! The one thing that helps me keep my messes in check is clear stacking drawers. They’re perfect for pretty much everything: gift paper, ribbons and blank cards, makeup products, craft tools, desk items, so on and so forth. I like these modular drawers for crafts because they help you stay extra organized.

If you really want to stay organized, invest in a label maker. These keep me from putting pencils in the marker drawer, blush with my eye shadow, etc. It feels so good to get everything squared away – and keep it there! I’ve found that if I have cute storage bins, trays and drawers, I’m more likely to use them and keep the clutter to a minimum. Check out some of my faves below!

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  1. These are great home decor tips. Thanks! I will definitely use this if I get to decorate my house some day. (I’m only 15 haha) Hope you get to my question!?

  2. Great advices! You and Jack clearly are masters of Home Decor! ??? looking forward to you answering my question! ❤️❤️❤️

    1. My friend is the exact same way.. she’s done a pretty good job incorporating both tastes. Her instagram is you have to kind of scroll past her pics of her adorable pups and nieces/nephews… but there are a few good ones of incorporating antlers. I even like them and I’m not big on antlers or hunting.


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