Ask Jules vol. 4: Beauty Edition

I received so many emails at about clear skin and short hair — topics I know a thing or two about! Below is my best advice for you! xo

Dear Julianne,
Thanks for creating an opportunity for us to share our thoughts and ask you questions! I’m Alexandra 🙂 I’m 21 years old and have never had skin problems until recently. I have no idea why, but my face is breaking out bad. I play sports 24/7 so I’m constantly sweating. I assume that contributes to the germs on my face, but I’ve tried several different products and nothing is working. I was wondering if there was a certain product that you use that works magic? I’m desperate here and tired of my face looking horrible. Thanks for taking time to read my message!

Much Love,

Hi Alexandra!
While sweating is actually really great for your complexion, it can also be problematic when it comes to acne. First, it is imperative to work out with a clean face. Make up and other products can clog your pores, attract and trap dirt. If I have a chance during a sweat session, I’ll give my skin a quick rinse even if it means splashing my face with a water bottle. Lastly, once you’re done working out or playing a game, rinse it off again.

It might not be necessary to use a product because over cleansing can lead to breakouts. It’s just important to stay clean and not let the sweat dry on your face. There is one magic product on the market: Proactiv. I know what you’re thinking, “Of course she says that, she’s a spokesperson.” But honestly, it works! I wouldn’t be behind it if it didn’t. Try the 3-step system. I am confident you’ll be happy with the results!


My name is Kristen. I chopped off my hair like yours and have kept it that way a little over a year now. Any tips on how to get it to grow faster? It’s time for a new style.

Hi, Kristen!
If only there was a way to wake up with long hair again, right? Sometimes I feel that way, too. In the mean time, I take care of what I’ve got by getting regular trims and keeping my strands well conditioned. You might not want to cut your hair at all, however by trimming the split ends, you’re making sure the hair strand doesn’t split further up. When this happens, your hair doesn’t look too great and your stylist will advice you to cut it off further setting you back from growing it out.

Biotin is an over-the-counter vitamin that promotes healthy hair, skin and nails. Some say it makes your hair grow faster and thicker!

My good friend and hair genius Riawna Capri suggests Nutrafol, and I’ve used Viviscal. There are so many great options out there!

As always, check with your health provider prior to testing any of these out on your own.

Let me know how it goes!

Hi Jules!!
I’ve loved watching you on Dancing With The Stars and since then have followed your career and I think you’re great!! 

I have issues filling in my eyebrows! HELP ME! I don’t know what the best product to use is, how to fill them in correctly and what’s the best color for me. You are a blonde just like me and your eyebrows always look SO great!! So I was hoping you could do a tutorial on how it can be done!


Hi Becky!
You just inspired me to film a tutorial! I’ll let you know when that’s available on my soon-to-be launched YouTube channel. For now, here are some of my best quick tips for gorgeous brows: I prefer to use a brow pencil that compliments my hair shade. I’m currently loving Kevyn Aucoin’s Precision Brow Pencil.

Rather than long lines, make tiny strokes that look like little hairs. This is also called “feathering.” The end result looks much more natural this way!

I also use a brow gel to finish the look and hold everything in place. This one by Anastasia is my favorite.


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Illustration by SvetaP

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  1. I love how you make it a point to answer most questions! That’s why your everyone favorite celebrity! Thank you for being so thoughtful 🙂

  2. Hi Jules! It’s true that Biotin (a B vitamin) supports hair health but it’s also good for skin, nerves, metabolism AND Type 2 Diabetes if you can believe that. However, most people don’t need to take supplements since we get enough in food. Our bodies also recycle biotin that we’ve already used so any type of deficiency is quite rare, unless a person doesn’t eat much. If they do though, foods like eggs, peanuts, almonds, wheat bran, salmon and cheese are really good sources. In case people are curious, EGGS are the #1 source, they are FULL of Biotin :o)

  3. Please do a YouTube tutorial for some of the braided updos you wore on Dancing with the Stars!! They looked GORGEOUS, and as someone who just chopped her hair I would love to learn how to do those beautiful braids!

  4. Hey Julianne! This hasn’t anything to do with beauty but I wanted to ask you something: Would you write about endometriosis and what you do for therapy? I’m also dealing with endo, so I’m very interested in how you manage your everyday life with it and what you do for prophylaxis. (a special nutrition or some sort of medical therapy?)

    Greetings from Germany.
    I love your blog!

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