Ask Jules Vol. 6: Holiday Edition

Thank you to everyone who continues to email me at! This week’s column is dedicated to celebrating the holidays with your loved ones.

I follow your blog and Instagram regularly and you always seem to have the best girls’ nights! My friends and I are thinking about having a Christmas Night In with just us girls.

Do you have any advice or tips to make the night great?? Movies, drinks, snacks, the whole bit! Thanks so much! 🙂


A great girls night in is right up my alley! What a fun way to celebrate the holidays! If it were my party, I’d definitely organize a secret Santa or white elephant gift exchange. Tell everyone ahead of time to bring a wrapped gift that doesn’t cost more than whatever price range your friends would be comfortable with.

I also love having a craft for everyone to do and take home. The DIY ornaments from yesterday’s post would be perfect. Cookie decorating would also be a super fun thing to do (and eat!).

Set the tone by having holiday music playing all night. And keep your guests fed well with theme drinks like hot cocoa and treats with gingerbread and peppermint. I turn to Pinterest for inspirations when it comes to cute finger foods.

Don’t forget to share your pics with all of us!!


I’m having a hard time trying to decide what to get my boyfriend’s mom for Christmas. We’re not very close, so do you have some suggestions?


When I’m buying a present for someone I don’t know well, I prefer to play it safe. Clothes, jewelry, and other personal items are always a little risky because it might not be their style. My go-to gift is usually a beautiful upscale candle. Opt for a mild scent that isn’t holiday themed, so she can keep it out year around.

If you want to go bigger, add a luxurious hand cream and body wash, then have the items wrapped in cellophane with a simple ribbon and a handwritten note.

Good luck!


Because your posts were relating to Christmas this week, I wanted to ask you a Christmas-related question. My boyfriend and I have had a hard time finding some fun holiday things to do lately. What are some fun, creative holiday things for couples, particularly in a smaller city where there are fewer things to go out and do? Thank you! I love you!


The possibilities are endless! You could work on a craft together, decorate cookies and drop them off for friends, or have a romantic winter picnic by the fireplace (did somebody say s’mores?).

You could also celebrate the season by doing something selfless for someone in need, such as contact a food bank or a hospital to see if there’s anything they you could help provide or an event that needs volunteers. You’d be surprised how many toys for kids or food for those in need you could collect with a few phone calls to friends and vendors.

Happy Holidays!

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