How To Go From Bedhead To Beautiful In 5 Minutes Flat

Sometimes you just don’t feel like spending time and effort getting dolled up for a quick trip to anywhere. I love rolling out of bed and going straight to brunch — but nobody else should have to suffer from the sight of my bedhead. Am I right?

My goal is often to be out the door in five minutes, without looking like a hot mess. So here are the three keys for achieving maximum cuteness with minimal effort…


1. Clothes
Rather than rocking sweats, I go for cuffed boyfriend jeans or leggings. I’ll ditch the hoodie or faded tee (I likely slept in) for a soft button down. Uggs are so comfortable but they’re a dead giveaway for laziness, so instead I’ll slip on ballet flats or moto boots.

2. Hair
If your locks resemble a bird’s nest, you can twist it into a chic topknot or messy bun. I’m a big fan of the little braid (see my how-to for short hair) or an easy half-up do. Then of course there’s always hiding under a cute hat.



3. Make-up
I’m not actually suggesting you put make-up on, because that defeats the purpose. But, if you have 30 seconds to spare, a little lip gloss and a swipe of mascara go a long way.



And don’t forget — the most important thing is your smile!

What’s your get-fresh-fast secret?

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  1. Super cute ideas! Would be great if you noted what products you’re using in your pics! Love that lip colour! 😉

  2. This is pretty much what I do also! Another trick that I’ve added to my life might be slight tmi, but it works wonders. Instead of showering everyday, (to protect the essential oils for the skin) especially days I don’t need to wash my hair, buy personal wipes that you can find in the shower/toiletries section in any store. You can clean the vital areas and feel fresh and clean for the day in 5 min. As my mom calls it, “one cat bath coming up”

  3. Jules! i’m from Chile and i love you, seriously haha in fact, i cut my hair like yours 😀 and also i love your page so thanks for that, you rock! Please do a post of your hairstyle and the products that you use, your fans apreciate that

  4. Hi Julianne!!! You are absolutely wonderful for making this website to connect with us a lot more. I appreciate this so much. I wanted you to know that you are my biggest inspiration for dancing!! (I’ve watched you so much on DWTS) I’ve had two hip surgeries because of too much dancing…. And life for me has been really hard, Especially when I got the surgeries so young (at age 13, I’m only 15 now). And I’m finally getting back into dancing. Thank you so much for being my inspiration and doing what you love. I love you Julianne!! I also hope you read this because it would mean the world to me 🙂

  5. I’m so excited to see all your postings! This was such a great idea! I would love to see a post about the beauty products you use and what your favorite places to go and shop at are! Or more simply just a day in the life of Jules! Can’t wait to see you this summer at Mohegun Sun!!

  6. You are obviously NATURALLY gorgeous, do you feel in your eyebrows with a shadow or anything? Or did you darken them with color? I am also a natural darker blonde but my eyebrows are light so I’ve toyed with the idea of dying them.

  7. I would really love it if you’d post some more tips on styling short hair! I just recently cut mine short and some days I don’t know what to do with it!

  8. A red carpet makeup look would be very handy! Prom is coming up and all of your makeup looks are ridiculously AMAZING Jules! <3 love you tons!

  9. You should do a make up tutorial 🙂 and tell us your favorite beauty products (I need to know what brand of mascara you’re using :O)

  10. love this post. it really help a mother to encourage her to get out of the moomy uniform with sweats and a hoodie 🙂

  11. Thanks, Jules, this was awesome! I actually never even think about the hat, God knows why… So, thanks! Btw, looove your no-make-up face!

  12. Oh…and my secret is… built-in (as in “I refuse to remove them in the next couple of hours”) sunglasses! lol

  13. Please do a skin care blog, your skin always looks so perfect even tho you dance for hours in stage makeup! I don’t get it! haha i would always break out like crazy from dance make up

  14. My signature hair style is the topknot or messy bun, I find it sooooo comfortable 🙂 My routine is usually like yours, although I like to moisturize my face before I put clothes on, and then I just swipe on some mascara, and quickly hide my pimples(if I have any). I usually finish off with one of my lipbalms 🙂 Easy breezy fresh faced beautiful 🙂

  15. You are just SO gorgeous…with or without makeup! I need more hairstyle post….and beauty all together 🙂 Love you Jules 🙂

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