Behind The Scenes: Move Live on Tour

Ask and you shall receive! Many of you have requested in the comments (yup, I read em!) to see what it looks like backstage and behind the scenes of a MOVE performance. Lucky for you, we just wrapped a show at the world famous Grand Ole Opry in Nashville!

It’s a great honor to get to perform at the iconic Opry. Since 1925 the stage has seen performers like Patsy Cline, Garth Brooks, Reba McEntire, the Dixie Chicks and even a young Elvis Presley! The feeling you get when standing on a stage with so much history is indescribable.

Here’s what our pre-show looks like!

Hitting the empty stage for sound check is one of my favorite things to do. So peaceful!

One hour before the show consists of stretching, vocal warm ups and getting in the zone! Lexi and Harley are not impressed.

One of the most important parts: group prayer before hitting the stage!

Once the show starts all our warm ups and routines fade away and the energy takes over! Have you been to a show yet? What was your favorite part??

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  1. We went to the Nashville show, and it was awesome! I really liked the contemporary dance you did – the one with the dark-haired guy. I’m sorry. I’m not sure what his name is. It was so sexy and romantic, and it blew me away! Also, you two have great chemistry! I also enjoyed Derek’s Elvis performance. I also liked that there was humor in the show, and I love how you interact with the crowd. πŸ™‚

  2. I went to last years show in St. Louis. This year I was out of town, but I watched the show on yahoolive. My favorite part is when you and Derek sing and together. The whole show has such great energy!

  3. Went to the show in San Antonio, I was in the front row!! My favorite part was the whole show( I know that sounds cheesy) but for me it’s true. It started with the meet and greet, You & Derek have an aura that’s filled with love and positivity. It set the tone for the whole show. From the moment you & Derek took the stage till the last dance step was danced it was a concert of love, light and feeling I could do anything I set my mind to. Thanks Fabulous Houghs for spreading a lot of Light & Love this summer!!! Wish it could happen ever summer!! Hope you get a lil time off, you both deserve it!! Thanks Derek & Jules for changing me for the better!!! ????????

  4. Going to the Oakland show tomorrow and I CANNOT wait! So excited to feel the energy and see the best in MOTION! I was able to see your tour last year but heard some fabulous things about this years tour. Thank you for all that you do! I body in motion stays in motion! See you tomorrow.

  5. Don’t know if u’ve seen these comments below by some of the fans.Also, I’ve seen clips of the Unchained Melody dance, still hoping that someone would make a full video so I can keep it, it was so beautiful! Lot of us hope they make a DVD out of this show.

    -I am a hermit. I rarely go anywhere. But, a friend talked me into this. I went dragging my feet and came home walking on air. Julianne and Derek were amazing. Their abilities are hard to comprehend.
    Everything they do seems effortless. And depending on the entertainment at hand, they perform to the fullest with grace, beauty, humor, physicality,musicality, etc. It is like their bodies, minds, and hearts were created to express the artistry of dance, song, comedy, and spirituality. They performed
    most if not all genres of dance with 10+ excellence. And they covered 60 years of song and dance history. Their performances were for everyone no matter what background or age. And to add to all this, they delivered comedy with the timing and laughs of the best comedians past or present. This was a wonderful part of the show. And the uplifting spiritual message touched my heart and gave
    me a boost to loving life that I have not had for a very long time. IF YOU HAVE A CHANCE TO SEE THIS, GO!!!!! From someone who hates to leave her home, you will be more than glad you did. Truly a feel good and amazing experience. Oh, the staging was out of this world. Mind blowing creativity! And the rest of the team were the quality of talent required to keep up with these two outstanding
    performers. The team all truly brought it. You could see that the best of the best were chosen for this tour.
    -The neatest thing about Move last night wasn’t the singing,wasn’t the dancing, or even the book signing. Honestly,it was seeing a common love among generations and cultures of people.
    -This show was every bit as great as any Broadway or Vegas show. I wouldn’t be surprised if they get a Las Vegas show some day.
    -Not only do they dance, they sing, they are funny, and they inspire.
    -Showcasing so many different dance styles that flowed seamlessly from one dance into the next. Derek & Julianne have put together a visual masterpiece.
    -Awesome, incredible, entertaining, interactive…makes you feel….visually beautiful…hilarious skits, worth every minute…I felt full of energy n inspired 2try new things n b open 2new exciting possibilities.
    -I have never seen such energy, fun and technic in such a show as this one.
    -Never been to a show that had every person in the audience joining in and having such a good time.
    -Unbelievable talent and absent the obscenities and vulgarity thats so common today.
    -They had enough interaction with the audience to keep it interesting, but not so much that it got out of control. Stage production was not so technical that it overpowered the talent.
    -Brilliant interaction between brother and sister on both personal and professional levels.
    -They play off each other extremely well n dance beautifully together. My only complaint is that I can’t see it over, and over and over.
    -The costumes were “out of this world,” especially Julianne’s.
    -They will touch your heart n fill your soul w/new life.
    -Both of them are very motivating when they speak.
    -They are the most versatile young people I’ve ever seen perform.
    -The staging was unique n very inventive.
    -They are very skilled and charismatic.
    -Was thrilled to participate in M&G w/these 2 energizer bunnies n they both r such professionals but also are warm n fuzzy, 2 caring individuals.
    -The show had something for everyone. I left feeling energized and uplifted!

  6. I was at the Nashville show!!! you guys blew me away! I’m 14 and have been a huge fan of you guys forever!!! I cried before the show, during intermission, and (many times) after! I cried three days after too! I wanna see it again!!! it was such a a amazing show and seeing both of my role models perform live and in person was such an amazing experience for me! I made a photo album of all of the pictures I took!!! I took a ton of vids too! (you can check those out on @houghaddict on Instagram ?) I would love it if you could write a blog of the entire playlist that you use for the shows! what you perform to etc. love always! xo

  7. I was at the evening show in Chicago! The show was absolutely amazing. My favorite parts were when you, Julianne, danced in your amazing yellow samba outfit and showed us what you look for in judging for Dancing with the Stars. Also, when Derek danced to Earned It. Gosh there were so many amazing parts, the whole crew was so talented. At times I couldn’t believe I was actually seeing it live!!!! It blew my mind. If there was a DVD made of it I would for sure buy it. Love you Julianne!

  8. Loved the Seattle show!!! I would have to agree the Unchained Melodie dance was beautiful. But truly loved it all.

  9. I have been to the Denver shows this year and last. The pure talent that you and your brother were graced with is remarkable. The entire experience is amazing. There is so much positive energy in every single dance. You two are wonderful role models who influence so many people. I sure hope you continue to tour in the years to come.

  10. Went to the show in Hollywood, Florida! Not only was it awesome meeting you and Derek again, but the energy and inspiration that came off of that stage from you guys was amazing! I loved the entire show, but I have to say that my favorite part was when you guys sang “I Lived” at the end! I hope there will be a DVD soon of the tour(s)!

  11. I went to the show in Thackerville in June and then again to the show in Kansas City the other day (and also got to meet Derek for a book signing afterwards, which was fantastic)! Both were so amazing and picking a favorite part is a tough one. Burnin’ Up was such a killer performance both times, as was I Lived at the end of the show! You mentioned in this post that you guys pray before your performance and I’ve read before that you guys were brought up Mormon..are you guys still religious or have a faith of some sort? That would be an interesting post to read about!

  12. Hi Julianne. It is really hard to pick just one favourite moment – the whole show is my favourite!!! I loved you telling us what it was like to judge and coming out in that yellow outfit – I would wear that outfit everywhere – doing the groceries, cleaning the house, getting the mail- just to move and see the fringe fly. Well you looked freakin amazing in it, so I will leave the wearing up to you. Derek’s tapping was another WOW moment for me. That kid is super talented. Also, his whips were perfecto! Haha. Finally the Beyond The Sea dance with the umbrellas made me feel like we stepped back in time and were treated to a special dance- it was so beautiful. I honestly could not take my eyes off the whole time. You, Derek and your dancers are so good at what you do. Thank you for sharing with your fans. Any chance you will do it all over again next summer? πŸ™‚ xo

  13. Will be attending the show tomorrow in Oakland it is in hour drive foe me however I’m sure it will be well worth it!! I’m concerned about my seating daughter and I have tics in row c but the seats are 122 and 124 I did not notice when purchasing hope we are sitting together!!

  14. Like most people, I loved the whole show! Really impressed with the beginning and couldn’t wait for you & Derek to make your appearance up from the floor. Loved all the stage & wardrobe changes. It was all so powerful, energetic & uplifting from the start to finish. I’ve been a major fan for years and actually have you both in my Tivo wishlist so I don’t miss anything you are in. We saw you in Boise so had gone early to Morrison Center to scope out the venue and parking and discovered your tour busses. Was hoping you might come out to walk the dogs or something. That would have really made my birthday even more special! Thanks for giving us a reason to take a road trip from Bend, OR to Boise.

  15. My favorite moment was being able to give you sunflowers before the show and to be able to get up on stage with you at the Opry!!! You and Derek are two of the most kind happy and awesome people I have ever met!!! Your talent inspirers me,and your singing leaves me in awe every time!!! I hope to have the chance of meeting you again. And I hope You and Derek continue to tour. And I wish both of you continued success. Thank you for memories I will never forget!!!

  16. I went to the Atlanta GA show at Chastain Park. It was an awesome show. The dancing was amazing, costumes were gorgeous, so much energy and talent! You and Derek are so inspirational! move=emotion (I want a body like your, btw)

  17. I was at your St. Louis show. I could watch it again and again. But my favorite number by far was the opening number because of the power!! I can’t wait until the next time. #obsessed

  18. I was at the Nashville show and it was great. It is too difficult to say a favorite b/c I enjoyed all the show for different reasons. I really liked you and Derek singing together. It was very motivating and I left the show feeling much better than when I arrived which is always a positive.

  19. I went to your show in Boston and it was so amazing! My favorite part was the light show you guys did. I got chills watching that one!! Hope you do another tour next year because I’d love to come again! πŸ™‚

  20. I whole show was incredible! Good job creating this awesome show and thank you for entertaining us with your God given gift!

  21. I loved every minute of the show…the most special part is that it is such a genuine display of what you love to do. I think that is what creates the most amazing energy in the audience that is so diverse in age and background. Thank you <3

  22. I went to Camden and the show was spectacular.. Want to go again next year for sure.. My favorite part was I lived

  23. I loved “Burning Up!” As a competitive Jazz coach, I tried to soak up every move of choreography my dancers could handle, and that piece was both powerful and sassy! So fun to watch! Of course, my dance with Derek was pretty fun too!

  24. I’ve had the chance to go to 5 shows! I’m coming to Vegas too! There are so many parts that are my favorites! I love that you guys feature all the dancers too and give them a time to shine!!! My favorite number is Go Daddio the tap routine!!!!! I also love Run Boy Run the paso for the intensity and passion in it! I really love how interactive you, Derek, and all the dancers are with the audience! Every time I have attended it makes me feel like I’m apart of the show with you guys! Every moment of the show is completely inspiring! I love every moment and can’t wait to see you guys again August 8th!!!!!!

  25. Thank you for sharing your behind the scenes at the Grand Ole Opry! It’s always so fascinating to see what goes on behind the scenes, what your regular everyday work life is like. I just can’t imagine the intense pressure you all must face on a daily basis. I really hope one day you’ll make it here to Redding, Ca.

  26. I loved the whole show! I wish so badly I could see it again! I especially really love the opening number! I’m kinda obsessed with it (& actually trying to teach it to myself right now πŸ˜‰ ). I also LOVED meeting Derek after the show..hopefully there will be a round 3 next year and I can meet you too!

  27. Saw the show in Denver with my daughter….I have to say the whole entire show was amazing, but the yellow outfit sticks out the most! You are such an inspiration to everyone!

  28. Hi Juliane, Thank you for the behind the scene pics as I too have been wondering what it is like behind the scenes. I really enjoy your is so refreshing! I am super excited about attending the final show in Las Vegas. I missed the show in Phoenix, so my sister and I are driving to Las Vegas. Plus, we get to connect with my Aunt who lives in Hendersen, connecting with family…Move Live Lives On!

  29. I watched the show in Albuquerque, New Mexico and I loved every minute of it! My favorite part was probably getting to meet you and Derek, you guys are so sweet!

  30. I think my favorite moments of the show were the dance to Sia’s Elastic Heart. Also when you and D Man sang I Lived. One last thing when you guys did your motivational/inspirational talks.

  31. Hello! I went to your show in Nashville. One of my favorite dances was when you danced to the song “land of thousand dances”. I play that song in my middle school pep band, and it just become my new favorite song that we play! I also loved the last song you and Derek sang together! It was beautiful? I had the pleasure of meeting you backstage after the show, and one of my friends also got you to sign my book when she was hanging out with you at your sister’s house! You 2 are the most sweetest, down-to-earth people I’ve ever met! Thanks for an amazing night! I love you guys!!

    PS – It’s spelled Megan, but thanks anyway for the book being signed!

  32. I went to the Camden show and I absolutely loved it! From beginning to end I had a smile on my face and was screaming, dancing, and taking it all in! I don’t think I can say what my favorote part was because I loved the whole show! I especially loved when I got to meet Derek after the show! Wish I could have gotten to meet you… there’s always next time (I hope)! You are such an inspiration in my life and my dance career. If I had to pick moments rhat stood out for me I would say when you interacted with the audience, pulling them in stage, running in the aisles, and talking from your hearts. You were 2 feet from me and I couldn’t believe it. I almost passed out. Also, I loved “Run boy Run”, “Elastc Heart”, “Burnin Up”, and “I Lived” the best! Thanks for an amazing show! And thanks for showing us backstage. I love it! I don’t know how you have time to run this while touring but thank you I enjoy it. You are so talented and gorgeous and I can’t wait until next time to see what’s in store! Love you β™‘β™‘

  33. Would love to bring my son some day! We watched on yahoo live and we couldn’t get over how entertaining, inspiring and motivating the show was- hopefully first show for my son -goals- Move!

  34. My favorite part was having my daughter Jules meet Jules Hough after waiting 7 years. It was amazing.

  35. I loved your show and thanks for coming to Orilla..I loved most part of it and hopefully you will do it again next year.❀️

  36. I LOVE the way the entire show is uplifting. The first number sure set the tone- light from internal radiating out. It carried through the whole time. I really loved each number – on it’s own but even more paired with all the others in the show, All amazing energy and artistry. My favorite part was the common thread running through the show focused on creating good energy and gratitude-gratitude you and Derek show each other and you both show to the audience. Thank you for all of your hard work and doing what you do. You make the world a brighter place. You guys are amazing!

  37. My sister and I got to see your performance in Nashville for our birthday celebration. We were in row Z but even being so far away the show was still amazing! I loved seeing you and Derek dance to “Elastic Heart”. That performance was so amazing to watch on DWTS and then to see it in person was such an emotional experience!! Thank you for dancing!

  38. It is truly one of the best shows I have ever seen. I LOVED it! I was surprised at how emotional, spiritual and inspirational it was. I cried and laughed the entire time. It definitely moved me. I left in awe. I’m not surprised to see a theme of everyone wanting to see the show over and over again. I even entered a contest to see the finale in Las Vegas. I have never won a contest that I’ve entered but it would be a GREAT BIRTHDAY PRESENT!!! I turn 44 on August 7th. You and D touch so many people in such an uplifting way. I hope you both feel all the love right back! Big hugs and kisses!!

  39. I loved the show! Getting to meet you was incredible! I loved your dance with Jason. I am such a fan of all the dancers from SYTYCD. I also love the number you did in yellow. I hope that you tour again next year! You were looking for suggestions on what to write about, PLEASE do a curly hair tutorial. I would love to know what iron you use, what product before, during, after to make them stay. I love your hair.

  40. I too, am having trouble picking a favorite performance. The entire show was amazing! I’m so glad you guys did the live stream because I realized how much I actually missed at the show itself. I was 4th row and you know how the closer you are, sometimes the less you can see (true for most things in life :)). So I didn’t appreciate the wholeness of some of the performances until I saw the live stream. But being only a few feet away was Incredible and the only way I would do it again when (hopefully) you guys come around again. Standout performances – Opening number, Paso, Thinking Out Loud(!), Tango, Jive, TAP, Unchained Melody, Firework, I Lived, talking to the audience. I also want to Thank Derek for coming out after the show by the buses. I got a picture with him and had a chance to tell him how much I loved the show. He looked a bit tired but was sweet and gracious and as a Fan, I Greatly Appreciated him taking the time to meet us. Thanks so much Jules! I hope I get to meet you one day too. Til then :))

  41. Favorite part? I can’t choose because I can honestly say I loved all of it. I wish I could see it every day and I’ve replayed videos of the show over and over πŸ™‚ But if I had to choose….I loved the elastic heart piece because it filled with so much passion, emotion, and the rich story behind your sibling bond with Derek. I also loved the burning up piece cuz it was the perfect combination of intensity, energy, fierceness, and sassiness. It was so empowering. I also loved the I Lived piece. Thank you so much julianne for letting us get a glimpse into your lives and be apart of your bigger dance family πŸ™‚ Somehow being able to see your life journey in pictures inspired me to keep dancing cuz it’s one my greatest passions too. You really do spread love and joy to all your fans by being so open to us so thanks so much! Are you going to tour again next summer? I hope you can cuz I can’t wait to see you dance again!!!

  42. It’s hard to choose because I loved it all. Though I really liked Derek’s Argentine Tango, All about that Bass, Firework, Derek telling us that we have a light within us all, & the collage of your family & you guys growing up. Oh & Derek taking me upstage leapfrogging over my head & spinning me around was the cherry on top. Again thank you for an amazing & life changing experience I’ll never ever forget, hope I see you both next summer

  43. I wish I could have been to the show, but unfortunately I live in Australia, so one day please come and perform down under! (especially come to Perth?)
    But I have watched some clips online, and it looks incredible!
    Perhaps you could even come and judge or dance on the Australian version of Dancing With The Stars? I have always watched the American version, and you and Derek are incredible on it!

  44. My favorite part of the show in Indy was the Dancing with the Stars skit πŸ™‚ also the friendly feud between Derek and you! So much fun & very interactive! I even got to touch a dancers hand lol — my mom & I had a great girls night out

  45. I was just at the Seattle show. It was incredible! Thank you so much for sharing your pre-show routine! All the work you put into the pre-show is definitely evident on stage! My favourite part was getting to meet you and Derek before the show! And loved the last song you guys sang and danced. It was beautiful and the perfect end to the night!

  46. Hi Jules, I’m IN LOVE with your blog. Thank you for inspiring me every single day. Enjoy every show. Love you!

  47. Hi Julianne. I saw your show at Mohegan Sun in CT.
    I loved the
    entire show, so it’s hard to choose what part was my favorite! But I
    loved reading that you all pray before each show. That’s awesome! God
    bless all of you! And thank you for using your God-given talent to
    entertain us all!

  48. I’m having a hard time figuring any one part of the show that I loved the most it was such a terrific show. I have seen a few in my life time but yours is certainly at the top. Your single contemporary is probably a good show stopper in my opinion. My mother was a dancer and though I never saw her dance I have pictures of her and I can imagine her doing what you do. Wish they made good musicals again because you and Derek would be perfect for them or even an occasional TV appearance dancing. Wish you both the best and keep it up.

  49. My mom and I went I your show in indianapolis about a month ago. Both you and Derek are so inspirational! We both started crying at the start of the show we were so happy. You are a wonderful role model, thanks for all you do and for all your joy and sunshine on a daily basis!

  50. Hi Julianne. I went to your show in Nashville. I didn’t have any favorites dances because I loved everyone of them. I also enjoy watching you and Derick in dancing with the stars. I never miss it. You and Derick are a good role model for younger generation. Love you both

  51. I went to this show at the Opry! It did NOT disappoint, if anything it has just made me more obsessed with these two! So awesome to get to see it form this perspective too! We will most definitely be back next time they are in town. Thanks for giving such a full, exciting and positive performance!

  52. I absolutely LOVED the show!! One of the best concerts I’ve seen in a long time! It is really hard to choose. I saw it in Indianapolis. My favorite show show wise was when you and Derek did that skit. That was really funny and witty! Then another favorite part was when Derek was talking to the audience and then you came out and sang ” Firework”. You have a amazing voice! You should put out an album! The dance sequences were AMAZING AND MINDBLOWING! Then meeting your brother was a moment that I will never forget! It was truly and amazing experience for me. You leave the show with an important message about enjoying life and showing your personality throughout movement! I hope you guys do another one next year!

  53. Due to being in the UK, I have had to try and find the show online. THANKFULLY, I did. I’m so glad, I found it. The show was fantastic, every step, song, move was perfect. I wish the MOVE live tour could travel it’s way over to England, would happily pay so much to watch and meet Jules! Xx

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