Let’s All Celebrate Our Best Friends!

The peanut butter to my jelly. The icing on my cupcake. The bumble to my bee. These are just a few of the ways to describe the magic that is the relationships we have with our BFFs.

I am lucky to call a handful of friends my best friends — it’s not possible to choose just one! They’re all the absolute best. But, the BFF I’ve known the longest is my girl Maude.

Maude is a talented actress, incredible writer and unbelievable bestie. We met when we were ten years old. I’d just moved to London and it was my very first day of school. Her hair was cut asymmetrical, long on one side and short on the other. Even at ten, she was the coolest girl. When she introduced herself, I thought she said “Mord.” To this day I still call her Mord!

We have been through absolutely everything together and she’s always been there for me. I know that I can fully trust her with anything without question. That’s what makes a great best friend. They hold all your secrets, know all your fears, ambitions, wishes and regrets. And they’d never tell a soul.

What makes your BFF so special? Tell me below!

xo Jules

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  1. Awee!! Beautiful BFF story!! My bff is the best soul on the entire planet! She’s like my sister and I am so happy to call her like that! Another nickname we have for eachother is CHUMMY! (The word is from Zoella’s blog! If you don’t know it you should check it out!) We met when we were just 8 months old in kindergarten! Our moms easily became friends and so we did! Our friendship keeps growing up everyday! I am so happy to have a BFF to count on! With her, time flies! She is the nicest and sweetest person I have ever met! I really love her! ❤️❤️❤️

    1. awww chummy that’s really really sweet. Love you too! Don’t know what I would do without you, you are the best bff I could have ever asked for! Ps: you are also an amazing, loving and caring person with a beautiful soul!

  2. We understand why Maude is your BFF – we could tell from just meeting her once, she’s the type of girl who’d walk thru fire for you!!! ;););) Your Divas

  3. You know what, I also have a handful of best friends. Some of them I met later in life, and I love them just as much as the old ones. But nothing can build a greater knowledge and understanding of another person like growing up with them does. My best friend and I haven’t lived in the same country in 7 years. Nothing ever changes between us, though. This is a bond that has been strengthened over time and it’s transcendent. It almost feels like she is a part of me and is the one person that I never fear of losing. I am very lucky.

  4. I have a lot of really great friends, both ladies and gentlemen but one girl stands out above everyone else! I guess you could say she is the music to my dance. My Bestie is both JUST like me and completely opposite at the same time! We have a wonderful time together whether we are crying over a hard time or laughing over anything we find funny, which sometimes is just being with each other. She never judges me and is always there for me when I need her. She knows when I need a laugh and when I need a shoulder to cry on, if I ever need the latter she is there with tissues, ice cream, movies and an extra shirt to change out of the tear-stained one. She is the absolute best and I thank God for her everyday!

    With love from a fan!

    P.S. I adore you and you are just such an inspiration!

  5. I just met my best friend in college and I am very haooy that I git the chance to know her. She is really the best and I truat her jn a very short time. I know that I can count on her when I need her ans I will always be there for her.

  6. I have a lot of friends but the one that sticks with me is my best friend, Billie. Most of the time, I really didn’t have many friends because, I was so nervous about what other people were going to think of me and if they were going to accept, love and support me for who I am. And mostly some of the time, I would hang out with the wrong people just to fit in and feel like people actually cared for me. Some were even faking and pretending to be my friend. But when I met Billie, I knew we were going to be two peas in a pod. She has supported me, helped me and loved me for the girl I am. I text her every single day and we talk about how are day was at school, we give each other advice, we even complement each other. Sometimes I feel like it will be too much for her because, I’m sweet all around, but she doesn’t mind at all. She just tells me to be myself and keep the complements coming! I’m just happy that I have a friend who accepts me for who I am, and for that, I am beyond grateful for her loving, caring, supportive soul. Anytime that I feel insecure about something or when I’m confused or down about something, I know I can count on her and lean on her shoulder for support. I just love her like she was my sister! She’s amazing.

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