Blue Eyes That Pop In 5 Easy Steps

I’ve been dying to talk to you all about my make up from Monday night’s Dancing With The Stars. While I was getting ready, the cut and style of the dress reminded us of a mermaid, so my hair was braided back and styled cascading to the side, enhancing the mermaid vibe.

Spencer Barnes, my friend and pro make up artist, knew a fun, colorful eye was the way to go. Spencer chose a mix of cool blues, and I absolutely love the edgy look he created!

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Today Spencer is sharing his genius pro-tips so you can give this look a go as well. Tag me if you try this at home!


5 Steps To Make Your Eyes The Star Of The Show

1. Start by choosing pastel-like colors with good pigment concentration.

2. A shadow base will help anchor the colors in place and allow them to be more vibrant. We used a lime green with a tinge of golden tones and concentrated that from the inner corner on her top lid to 2/3 of the way across.

3. On the outer third I blended in an aqua/robin egg blue.

4. At the lag line I used a bit of eyeliner in a deep lapiz (more sea blue than navy) and smudged the shadow into it to create a bit more depth at the lash line. I didn’t want to get dark or heavy, though — I wanted the lashes to still appear visible, defined and separated.

5. Neutral peachy/pink blush on the apples of the cheeks paired with a beige-nude-peach toned lip with a dab of gloss for shine. This allows the eyes to hold the focus.

This look was very playful, fun and flirty because the pastel colors and balanced palette kept it anything but serious!

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