Bringing NOLA Home

Being on tour has been a perfect opportunity to collect inspirations and ideas for my new home. When I return to LA in a few months, I’ll begin to fill my blank space with furniture and accents. My goal is to select pieces that have personal meaning or remind me of a place I visited and admired.

New Orleans definitely got my design wheels spinning. I was in constant awe of the city’s approachable opulence. The blend of French, Spanish and African influences create such a dreamy, elaborate environment. It’s something I would love to recreate in parts of my grand manor… I mean, my house. 🙂

I took tons of pictures for my mood board of cast iron railings that decorate the balconies in the Quarter. I’d love to find an antique or vintage inspired one to hang on a wall, use as a headboard, or maybe cover a fireplace I also took pictures of the gas lights and lanterns, which would be beautiful in any backyard.

Speaking of the yard, NOLA’s lush, elaborate gardens got me thinking about my own. I’m into the idea of incorporating sculptures into the landscape. Also took note of the large pots and abundance of hanging plants.

What city inspires your interiors?

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  1. It’s all about the details in NOLA there are plenty of antique furniture shops in the quarter I’m sure you could have something custom made too. Blowing up small details in black and white looks amazing. Especially when you were the photographer. Lived there four years and wish I would have captured more!

  2. NOLA is my favorite US City. By far! 🙂 I love how it has a distinct feel… Southern + European + Caribbean… it’s so alive and unique! I like to bring things home from our travels as well. Specifically little things I find that would make fun wall art – vintage post cards, art prints from local artists, found objects that I can frame… endless possibilities. I am so glad that you fell in love with NOLA. 🙂 XO -Alexandra

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  3. I have always been inspired by Italy and especially Tuscanny. We travelled there a lot when I was young (I am from Europe). I love the colours and I used them when I had my house build. The warmth and softness always make me feel cozy.
    I like the US styles when I visit but it doesn’t go well with my home. American use a lot of dark wood but I think it only looks good when there are spacious rooms. In Europe we don’t build that big 🙂

  4. Another idea is buy some cool masks that match your decor and scatter them on the wall like this…. We love it!

  5. Do the ceilings of your porch light blue. In Louisiana we say it helps keep the bugs away plus it looks beautiful. 🙂

  6. Jules, this is off topic but I cannot tell you how amazing it is to see you in full support of the historic events today. To be in the spotlight, in various capacities, and publicly declare your support is so touching to me (as a straight person). I am loving your efforts and contribution to this world more and more every, single day. Wish you the best!

  7. Your interior inspires me ? I wanna crawl Rite up in you n live ! N my fortress !! Mmm ..With my little bowl of candy !?

  8. I’m in love with a lot of New York interior houses. It kind of gives it that kind of modern look and feel, but still very classy and vintage. I try to find a balance between vintage and modern flair. I also love the Italian and British interiors. Like Paris and England. It kinda gives that kind of homey, warm feel to my room. I recently moved into a new house and I’m designing and organizing my room. Trying different themes! So it will feel like me! Your taste and style is good to!

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