Challenge: Give Credit Where Credit Is Due

“I’m going to leave the harshest review as soon as I get to my car!” an overly-caffeinated girl shouted across one of my favorite coffee spots on her way out. Yikes.

I regularly visit this café because everything is delicious, the cheery sitting area is always clean and available, and the baristas are the absolute best. The thought of someone trash talking my happy place based on one service slip-up bummed me out. It got me thinking about reviews. It seems like most people are compelled to review something only when they’ve been disappointed. I’ve been a regular at this place for a while now and until this moment, sharing my positive experience here didn’t occur to me.

This weekend, let’s each commit to leaving positive feedback for a business, restaurant, and good service received. I’m going to make this a long-term commitment, but it starts with one…

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  1. I love this idea.
    I always say that when you read negative things – on a review – or even if you go to look up a health issue – you ALWAYS read bad stuff. I’ve learned no one wants to take the time to say much GOOD about things. Its mainly the bad people feel the energy to RUN & VENT with… I’m so going to do this challenge. Leave positive feedback wherever I am. … we stopped a manager at a restaurant one time & he got so anxious. You could see it on his face. We told him we just wanted him to know how awesome our waitress was – you should have seen his face. I’m sure he’s more than not hearing negative comments. The expression was worth stopping him.

  2. Positive feedback and a smile goes a long way 🙂 Leaving a note on the receipt is always a nice touch too.

    Happy Friday!

  3. I’m currently traveling in Thailand. We often read reviews on resorts to decide whether or not we want to stay somewhere. There was one resort (that didn’t have great reviews), but we decided to stay there anyway. It ended up being our favorite! It was this little community tucked away next to a beautiful beach and surrounded by lush greenery. The staff was fantastic! We spoke with the woman at the front desk (who was very accommodating) and she said, “People usually leave reviews when they are not happy, not when they have a good experience. A few kind words really does make big difference.

  4. I have a wonderful review for you! I am the annoying person who stopped you outside rei in Manhattan on Friday. You were so incredibly kind when I told you about how your performance in grease live has inspired my 2.5 year old daughter and how she acts out your scenes and sings your songs each day. Thanks for taking a selfie with me… Nothing makes her happier than looking at her picture of mama and sandy! Thanks again… You are truly kind and beautiful inside and out! Xo-liza

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