Mr. Kate’s Guide To Spooky Chic

When it comes to Halloween decorations the first images which come to mind are of giant spider webs, creepy skeletons, ugly witches and more fear-inducing paraphernalia. Some people go all out on the scary factor by incorporating dry ice for an eerie fog effect or play recordings of disturbing screams or ghoulish cackles. While I am all for this type of freaky décor, this year I’ve been in search of something a little different. Something, dare I say, more chic? Is it possible to do Halloween-chic? Turns out it is!

This DIY from Mr. Kate transforms pretty lace into ethereal looking ghosts. The hint of glam was exactly what I had in mind. These are going to look perfect in my new back yard!


You’ll need:
• 8 Inch Styrofoam balls
• 6-8 yards of lace fabric
• Fishing wire
• Screw hooks
• Glue

1. Screw a screw hook into the top of a styrofoam ball. You can add glue to make it stick better. Let dry.

2. Place the lace over the styrofoam ball and measure your length. Make it shorter on one side so it looks like it has more movement.


3. Cut your lace and push the hook end through the fabric – since it’s lace it’s easy to pass the hook through a space in the lace pattern.

4. Cut a 2 inch wide strip of lace and wrap it around the “neck” of the ghost gathered the lace and securing the styrofoam ball.

5. Attach fishing wire with a basic double knot to two or three corners of your ghost lace as well as to the screw hook on the top of the head.


6. Hang the ghosts to a tree with the fishing line and use the additional fishing line attached to the corners to make the ghost look like it’s in mid flight with “arms” outstretched.


Images courtesy of Mr. Kate.

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  1. Hi Julianne!!! We had never heard of “Mr. Kate” soooo we had to check her out!!! We looked at one of her videos (the one where she answers twitter questions) and we just LOVE HER!!! Thanks for the introduction!!! (Hope your tearin’ up LA with your Mama!!! ;););) Your Divas

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