Ring Your Neck

Many of you have noticed my love for the choker necklace and asked where I’ve been scooping them up. Good news! This ’90s throwback accessory is back in a big way, so most stores are carrying variations of this trend in virtually every style.

I usually wear a thin, simple choker in my day to day because I like the little hint of something extra it lends to a simple tee shirt or sweater. When dressing up, I’ll go for a solid gold or ornamental mixed-metal style to match the fancier look.

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As far as what not to wear: I avoid anything too wide and overbearing because it will look (and I imagine it will also feel) awkward and uncomfortable.

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Are you into the choker trend?

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  1. So wait, will chokers actually stop blood circulation? Or is that just the name because they wrap around your neck? And is there only certain chokers that will do this? This would be useful info if you do another post like this, Julianne!

    1. They don’t actually choke you. They are just called that because of the style and how they are worn very close to the neck. If it feels as those it is choking you, its too tight! Hope this helps!

      1. Oh!!! Thank you so much! My friend was wearing one the other day and I asked her this- she said of course not! So I tried one on at the mall and almost fainted because I couldn’t get it off! I could NOT breathe! The manager had to come by and make sure I was okay?

        1. Ya, that definitely want the right one for you! It should feel comfortable! And you should definitely be able to breath!

          1. Like as a bracelet? I’m the kind of person who likes to get the most of my money?

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