Clean Space = Clear Mind

Often things come up in our lives that cause us stress and frustration. Whether it’s waiting for a final grade or stirring over a big decision, situations that have us feeling disorderly or out of control can truly drive us nuts!

In these times, I know of one simple solution that provides a temporary relief and offers a sense of order: organizing. Not so much sorting your thoughts or sketching out a to do list but rather straightening out something completely unrelated such as a spice rack or desk drawer. Cleaning up this real mess doesn’t completely clear the one in my head, but it sure gives me a little sense of order and accomplishment.

Try it! You might be surprised. Below is a list of spaces I usually dig into when I’m needing to sort through something physical. Cleaning out and straightening up any junk drawer will give you an instant jolt of pride but these spots can usually always use some sprucing up as well:

Kitchen: Go through all the spices, clean out the refrigerator, make sure all your food is still in date. Straighten up the tool and utensil drawers. Go through your junk drawer and throw away anything you no longer need.

Bathroom: Check all the dates on bath and beauty products, toss the old and sort the still good ones. Clean and sanitize all your compact cases.

Wardrobe: Take apart then re-fold each drawer, organize your closet by color or season. Toss or donate any clothes you no longer wear.

Living area: catalog your books by title, author or color. Clean and dust the shelves.

Voila! Your space is tidy and you’ve given your brain a break from all your daily stresses. Plus — when you walk into these rooms from now on, you’ll feel a sense of accomplishment and see all your hard work pay off.

What are your de-clutter secrets?

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  1. Every time I come to this site I am reminded about how some thing or in a particular case someone who never tried to bother me and is not really to blame can still drive me nuts from many miles away. Strange thing …

  2. I’m constantly refolding the clothes in my drawers. Cleaning and organizing makes me feel fresh I guess. Organizing the inside of my car is another thing I do often. Love this post, I can totally relate to this feeling.

  3. There is a book called, “The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing. 4,375 reviews on Amazon. I haven’t read it yet, but it’s on my list of books to read. My friends that have read it, were all inspired to start getting rid of things.

  4. I do this a few times every month and it makes me feel so refreshed and stress free! Sometimes, I will rearrange things in my closet, wash my clothes and bedspreads and sheets. I will sweep up my room floor, clean up my bathroom, pretty much clean EVERYTHING in my room! But if I want to, I will clean the whole house if I have time or even if I feel like it. I love cleaning and staying organized! It makes me feel so good about myself and makes me fell mentality stress free!

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