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Confidence Challenge Featuring Kylie Rose

Having healthy self-esteem is something most of us have to work on constantly. Nobody feels 100% fantastic about themselves all the time, I’m pretty sure. There’s plenty of propaganda out there to make us feel like we can improve in some way, and it’s always in our face. Magazines, movies, television and especially social media can make us feel as if we should have a better body, more money in the bank, a smoother complexion, a cooler wardrobe, a more exciting social life… you get the idea.

Learning to accept myself and find happiness within wasn’t the easiest thing to achieve when I was a teenager. I can only imagine how much harder it must be today with the constant pressures that stem from social media. I can’t say what it’s like to be a teen today, but 13-year-old Kylie Rose sure can.

Kylie is a beautifully honest young lady on a mission to inspire others. In her YouTube video, Kylie eloquently discusses the challenges of finding self acceptance and self love in a world of selfies. Despite our age difference, Kylie’s wisdom and honesty moved me — and I hope it will move you, too.

I’m joining Kylie’s challenge to go out make-up free whenever I feel like it, just because. As Kylie puts it, “If I get a big red pimple, I’m gonna rock it!” As we know, it’s better to let our skin breathe and heal anyways. Who cares what anyone else thinks about our less-than-perfect skin?! On a deeper level, it’s good practice for accepting our truest self. We are not what we look like on the outside; we are how we treat ourselves and others.

What do you all think of Kylie Rose’s message? Do you relate? How will you practice being true to yourself??

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  1. Thank you for touching on this subject, and sharing this girl’s inspirational message with everyone <3 xo

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