A true triple threat, Julianne Hough is known to audiences around the world for her success in film, television and music. She became a household name virtually overnight as a two-time professional champion on ABC’s top-rated “Dancing With the Stars,” before making a seamless transition to award-winning recording artist and leaving her mark on the motion picture industry, starring in feature films like Rock of Ages, Footloose and Safe Haven.

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  1. Hey Jules…Hope you had a happy easter! Any chance that you will be releasing a Christmas album this year?! I have been on the search for a decent one for years. Much love xx

  2. Hi, Jules. Are you currently shooting another movie? I have found that after having watched
    “Safe Haven” twelve times, it doesn’t quite have the same charm. Please star in another movie if you aren’t in the process of filming now!

  3. You are nothing but a worthless piece of trash. You look like a dime store hooker and surely don’t belong on DWTS!! You need to just disappear!!

  4. I am new to your blog, i stumbled here from your Facebook page, which i just found as well, and “Liked” today. Just reading this post about going with Pink hair, I am a stylist, work for the largest chain salon in the US, and manage a company Facebook page for our company, wanted to say thanks for your post on changing your hair to Pink, great information, this is what the public should hear, Us in the trade have had to help fix at home color jobs, We Love that your setting for straight on choosing to go pink. thanks a bunch. just one of 9000 stylists at JCPenney Salons.

  5. Love your blog and line following U and see all your things U are a inspiration to me and can’t wait to see U at radio city for the move live tour , I saw U guys last year at the beacon thearte was a Amazing show and glad that I met U guys as well . Would love to dance with U and derrick one day that would be amazing . Keep doing what U are doing all your fans love U

  6. my name is barron farnell I am 23 and have been a dancer for 6 years I love dancing with the stars and you and your brother daric are my favorite dancers on the show ive always wanted to compete or at least if I met or got to talk to you it would be a dream come true 970 596 7181

  7. Hey Jules! I don’t know if you consider me a friend but truly I am not you enemy. Let me say that you are one of the prettiest Ladies in the entertainment field. I love your eyes and the eye brow thing (I think the brow-thing ties to someone I was serious attracted. Voices are also special to me and your’s just is such a pleasant song). Okay, I am a fan..maybe a distant friend…I am not trying to step on you but inform you.

    The Mormon (don’t turn me off yet…I know what you are thinking…you have a gentle spirit…I can tell) ideology believes that Jesus was not God but became God. If you read the first chapter of the Gospel of John…it steps on this ideology.

    Truly I am a wayward son but at the same time I know the truth.

    Jesus proved that He was of the Father by His works (John 14:8-12). Now read Chapter 12 of the Book of Revelation. The woman is Mary, the Mother of Jesus. The woman in Revelation 12 is not the tribes of Israel because Jesus came only from one tribe. The woman is not the Church or the Apostles because both were either chosen or created by Jesus…not the reverse. Paul said not to despise prophecy but to take on all that is good.

    If you are seeking truth, please read and research the Roman Catholic Catechism. Its online and can even be purchase in most secular bookstores (It should contain the imprimatur). Read the section in the Index about “purity” ( and notice the many references to the word “modesty”. And forget the definition set by society…because God’s is quite different (Side note: Did you that if you dress provocatively and lead another to sin that you are responsible for their sin? Its simple…are you leading others to holiness or sin. Its not rocket science.)

    In the Old Testament, God was continuing sending prophets. The Jews were continually straying (like sheep). Are any different from the Jews? Sorry but the answer is NO.

    Mary has been appearing through the centuries. The three most important and/or public are (1) Guadalupe, Mexico, in 1531 to an Aztec converted to Catholicism, (2) Lourdes, France, in 1858 to a sickly peasant girl, and (the most important and most recent) is Fatima, Portugal in 1917.

    I’m on twitter….@eyeknowmoore. Only good thoughts for you, Jules.

  8. Hi jules (if correct – not sure if Mrs would be more correct) – was just google for a recipe for capsicum/pepper (I am located in Germany – so my apologize for any writing errors 🙁 ). Will try the one from your side – question, do you have any more?
    – oh couldn’t subscribe your side. not sure if it is locked for other country than US?

  9. Hallo Ms. Hough,
    i have see your video, where you dance with your brother in ellen tv. It is amazing and i want to know the name of the song. The video what i mean is where you come up the stairs and on the stage playing the drummers. I hope you know, what i mean and I would like to apologize for my bad english.

  10. Hi Jules,

    I just seen the movie Safe Haven on German television yesterday. The movie was great and you’re a gorgeous actress. Hope to see many more with you as an actress.
    Then today I found your blog which has really awesome topics, especially the lemon article I found really interesting because I love lemons in every way but not really used it as a cleaner yet.

    Sunny greetings from Munich

  11. Jules…….I really like you but the dress you wore on DWTS tonight was not a good a good choice. Your breast exposure was not flattering. Unfortunately too little breast or not enough dress material. I have loved your hair colors and styles the last couple of weeks though!

    1. Natalia. I went to your page and scared the crap out of me. Most of your pictures are of you not even tall enough to be in the pictures. Are you like 2 feet tall?

  12. I just want to say I love you! I follow you on instagram and you are such an inspiration, you’re so gorgeous and very positive all the time! I have loved you since you put out your country album (I love doing “That song in my head” on karaoke), and loooveee Safe Haven!

  13. Hey Jules!! I’m looking to dye my hair a cool shade of blonde (similar to yours). My hair is naturally blonde. But thanks to my years of dying it brown, the blonde won’t come back. What is your advice on dying (bleaching) your hair? What’s a good product to use (professionally) without frying the crap outta my hair? I figured who better to ask than Julianne bough herself! It seems that you are always spicing things up with your hair, and it never looks the slightest bit damaged!

    Ps. Can’t wait to try your new concoction for shiny hair 🙂

  14. Hi Jules!! Love your blog!! I was hoping you could do a post about eyebrows in your beauty section! I’m a blonde and have light eyebrows so I always have to fill them in to get my face some structure. I would love to know what you use because yours look great!! 🙂

  15. Dearest julianne,

    I want to say thank you so much for everything. I love watching you on dwts As a judge. you are the most beautiful young lady. I fellow you on face book and instagram. My wish is to meet you in person Before I have surgery.

    Thank you again


  16. Hi, I’m not sure if you’ll even see this. I feel that I should tell you that I watch DWTS every week and the show is great. I do have one problem with some of the clothes you wear on the show I feel they are just a little revealing for a family show. There are kids in the audience and at home. I don’t understand why you feel you need to expose yourself so much.

  17. Good morning!
    I am just wondering if you could consider doing a post on your favorite books? Do you have any books that have inspired and helped you?
    Thank you : )

  18. I love your style…

    I would love to send you a piece of jewelry from my collection for a review/feature/photo on your social media pages and blog.

    Take a look and choose something that you love. I can create something specific as well. Just give me a description and i will create it just for you.

    Robyn | Saving Animals Through My Jewelry Sales

  19. I absolutely love your blog! I’ve been a fan since you were on DWTS and you’ve been my hair and fashion inspiration ever since. I would love to see more of your fitness tips! Love the recipes and beauty tips, keep up the blogging!

  20. Would love to see a post about your day time/face time cleaning regimen! Maybe even a make up tutorial of your simple, but always beautiful daily make up! 🙂

    1. I agree, Julianne is flawless , but blonder brows would be even more amazing and less Cara Delivgne.
      Don’t change Anything else Julianne, you are A “natural, ” beauty, like your entire family!
      To Chelsi, I found an 8 pc. Fall kit, by It cosmetics, on QVC, with instructions.

  21. Hi!! First of all let me say how thankful I am and I’m sure everyone is about your blog! It’s not everyday that a busy successful person as your self takes time to share not just pictures but words of wisdom and helpful tips. So thank you for that! I recently cut my hair short and I love love when you style it with curls but I especially love it when it looks like messy beach waves. Is there anyway you can please share this? I would love to style my hair like that but the curls are not easy on short hair specially since I have straight hair. I’ll look forward to that blog!!

    Thank you,


  22. Hello, Sorry to bug you but was trying to look for tickets to surprise my husband on your tour for 6/19/15 8pm. He has had a rough year with me in 2014 (medical) I thought if I could do this for him to to show how much I appreciate him. If you could help that would be a blessing.

  23. DWTS last night brought tears to most of our eyes. Very heart warming. It brought a smile to Lens face like I have never seen before. I am sure the aging process is taking its toll on him but he still has it and most important fond memories that will be with him for the rest of his life. You were pretty great yourself.

  24. hey julianne!! i love you so much and i loved watching you dance on monday. you realli inspire me every day and because of you i became a dancer so thank you i dont know what i woukld do without it.

  25. Hey Jules, wondering what your favorite face products are! I am looking for a great moisturizer for sensative skin and you have beautiful skin!

  26. Hi Jules, not a friend but do love it, Wanted to know if you ever take the time to read. My greatest gift to music is to leave it to those with talent, but I do love to write words. I have the text to a song that should be sung for many reasons. It came to me while working on a novel and I just ask you to read, no strings and no games. I respect you for you and am a Virginia gentleman who is probably older than your papa. Also, this is not an ego thing, just so important and yet so over-looked by many…..Like the one you love. I give you a two thumbs-up since I can’t high-five ya across the Big Pond. Enjoying U from Germany.

  27. Hi Julianne.. I will begin as many probable have by saying I am a long time fan of you,, I have watched you grow on DWS, your singing & movie career and now judging on DWS.. I enjoy watching Jimmy Fallon’s new show Lip Sync Battle and was excited to see that you and Derek were going to be on.. However, as I sat watching you second song wit my grandchildren, 13 years and 11 years, I was shocked and very disappointed in your choice of songs.. I could not believe he vulgar lyrics coming from your mouth.. Please do some soul searching and consider fans of all ages in your performances.. Wishing you the best in your life and career.. bb

  28. I am 57 and I find you remarkable…Not only with your dance, but with the true comments you make about other dancers, you make a great Judge, so I guess I am a fan. I watch your movie last week and your even a great singer and actress, keep up the good work and l will continue watching you fill you portfolio. Love Michael

  29. Hey Jules! I really like your blog,it’s helpings so much whether to inspire me to create something of my own or to pick an outfit so thank you and btw I really really really like Riker and Allison

  30. Hey Jules! Love your blog, particularly your thoughts on kindness!!! I too can’t wait for the day when KindnessisthenewCool!!! I was raised with the Golden rule, and raised my kids with it as well….So good to see someone such as yourself, role model that you are, advocating kindness! God bless you!!!!

  31. I probably am in the minority but I DIDN’T enjoy the dance you and Derek performed last night. I was looking forward to seeing the two of you dance again but wow, that ended quickly. It still makes me cringe when I think about it. I’ve always wanted to see the show you have but now I’m not so sure!

  32. I love you’re blog I have one too I write about mommy stuff and live I have too boys my dream was to be a dancer so I love watching with my kids DWTS they love too and dance. Thanks for sharing you’re dance with Dereck I always watch the show but I don’t know what happened that this Tuesday it didn’t te or it. Love to see the love with you and Dereck I los a sister years ago and I really miss that. I’m from Puerto Rico so I hope I can travel to see you guys on tour. Here are some pics of me and my family and when we dance with the kids watching DWTS. MY blog is hope you can see it and give me tips. Keep the good work and been you.

  33. Hi Julianne, thank you for putting so much positivity into the world. I started a campaign called #100DaysofGIVE to inspire and show young people that giving back can be easy, fun and incorporated into our everyday lives. It doesn’t take a lot of time or money, just a lot of heart. I would love your support with this to get as many people involved and expand our reach. Either way, thank you for making the world a little brighter and kinder with your GIVE! Xx

  34. Hi Julianne. I’m from Germany nicole .. ‘ve so much about you researched and find you as absolutely amazing. You should be proud of you, you and your brother … you’ve probably heard it already 1000 and probably is this mail like any other mail .. but are you doing to me. I look at you .. and I forget all that which I doubt .. you’re incredibly great .. although I do not know yet .. but disguise yourself .. not because thou art, unique … many greetings Nicky

  35. Hey Jules,

    I am Megan and I am a huge Fan from Germany 🙂
    I loved you since the Movie burlesque and I would love to see one of your Shows in America but its just to far away..because I Love dancing aswell and I am a Zumba Instructor and you inspire me even more.
    I was wondering because America is so far away ..can I get an autograph?:-)

    Lots of

    Megan xxxx

  36. Hi Julianne, just wanted to say that I love you in Rock Of Ages and you have a Brilliant voice 🙂 I live in England and I’m in the process of buying your album Julianne Hough 🙂
    Keep up all the great work you do 🙂 and keep being beautiful 🙂
    love always
    Darren Davis

  37. Hi Julianne, 1st I want to say that I love your blog, so many things to read 🙂 2nd I want to say that you are awesome and really beautiful, I can’t stop watching and listening to Rock Of Ages 🙂 you are amazing in it 🙂 I’m over in England so I cannot watch Dancing with the Stars but I bet you are awesome in that too 🙂
    Sending love your way
    Darren Davis

  38. Hi there Jules! I just wanted to say thank you for this blog. I have found very helpful tips and your inspirational tips really boost my day! Keep them coming!

  39. I would love to see a a video of how you do your hair daily. And makeup. Your looks are always flawless and would live to see how you do it.

  40. Hi Jules! Came to give you a *hug* and say Thank You!!!! for another inspirational post on your sooo positive blog. I’d never have read about Emj if it weren’t for you, and I am so touched by her story. Thanks, Jules, you ROCK <3

  41. Hi Julianne!

    I absolutely love your blog. It’s been so helpful and uplifting in my life. I’m a college senior at Purdue University, and I just recently wrote an article on embracing the uncertainty of being in your early 20s. I’m really proud of it, but I always appreciate input, good or bad. I always appreciate your blog posts and way with words, so I was wondering if you would be able to look it over for me and perhaps even share it? 🙂 I would love a way to send it to you, if you could just direct me 🙂

    Thank you so much for your kindness, inspiration, and time!

    Haley Kissel

  42. Hey Jules. So this is kinda weird, but yesterday i was talking with my best friends and saying how happy i am that my two favourite actresses are best friends (you & nina dobrev). So, i was literally obsessed with this movie i saw in 2011 on the cinema and i forgot the name. Couldn’t find it out, but i was always trying to remember it, although nothing could come up. Yesterday i decided that i will find it out, so i went to kodi, gender, romance and started the research. Finally got it, after 4 years i found the movie i was obsessing about, and the best part is that i saw you and u were the main character!!! No jokes a tear came through my eye. So yeah, pretty boring but i really wanted to say how that made me smile:)

  43. Hi jules! I was just curious if you would do a post regarding ways to disconnect from technology to connect to the important people in your life (girlfriend(s)/boyfriend(s)/family etc. And maybe where that good balance is.

  44. Hi Julianne- Hope you can settle a disagreement between my husband & me. If we’re dancing together, and I, for example know that I’m supposed to take a step backward, though he may not, as the woman, and I supposed to not move, unless he guides me to that direction? He thinks I’m trying to lead when I do this, though I would like him to lead. He isn’t comfortable dancing yet and wants to become more familiar with the steps. What am I supposed to do? Thanks-

  45. Dear Jules,as I respect your work very much,I had a courage to send you a message…

    I am a dancer from Croatia,and also a student of Kinesiology and sports,and I am making a research on a theme “where is the line between art and sports in ballroom dancing”,so I you would have a little time to write me your opinion on that theme,It would help me a lot,and I would use it in my research part of essey?:)

    Best regards,Petra

  46. Hi Jules, thanks for the great posts lately!!! You and your blog really add to my happy!!! God bless 🙂

  47. Hi, Jules. In reference to your question about gossip – I live by the 100%, 50%, 0%. What that means is, if someone tells me something, I listen to ALL of it, believe HALF of it and repeat NONE of it.

    1. Your confused!. She sees 100% of the people with her eyes….Her clothes cover 50% less of what most women wear….She reads 0% of all these comments!

  48. When will you be singing another album? I wish they would write movie scripts for you and Derek to act in. I think that you would make a terrific Fred and Adele. Fred Astaire movies are the best. I traveled to Janesville, Wi and Joliet, IL and Naperville, IL and Detroit, MI to see you in person. You are the prettiest girl in the entire world. I definitely have a crush on you. If I knew you, I know that I would not mess around. I would tell you that I love you and we would be married by now. Stay focused with “The Creator” in your very soul. I love you, because you are very wholesome. Jules, I would hold you so tight without breaking your back. You are the lady of my dreams. I am hoping to see you again in person and not get my heart broken. Best of wishes in all that you do. Your friend Jim.

  49. Hi, how are you? So last night I unfortunately couldn’t make it to the show in Manhattan but my friend and I decided to try and see if we could get a chance to see you after. After about an hour we decided not to stick around to see you cuz we were told you wouldn’t come out for at least 2 hrs. and there was a nice downpour but we were around when the show ended and everyone came out. I have to tell you everyone was raving about it! I felt like it was kind of unfair for you not to hear what they were saying since it was all so positive and all about you, so…two elderly couples were gushing about how talented you and Derek are and how much you both have accomplished at such a young age. They kept emphasizing that you’re very young lol. Another woman was comparing you and Derek to Donny and Marie :). People were coming out with huge smiles on their faces, and saying it was amazing, spectacular, fun, and out of this world 🙂 Enjoy the rest of the tour!

  50. hey julianne im a dancing with the stars and i told my mom that if i can get henna tattao so what do u think of it my name is Nayelly Cabrera im from new york and im 13 so yea if u are looking at this please
    im your biggest fan

  51. Hi Jules,Am Foster from Ghana in Africa. Just watched your movie “Safe Haven” just love it. How I wish……… Keep it up “Erin”

  52. Hello Jules! My friend and I went to see your show a couple of weeks ago at Radio City Music Hall and had a blast!!! Every dance was so beautiful and we were dancing and laughing and screaming all night. I was wearing an outfit copying what you were wearing when you did the lip sync battle “I just had sex”, minus the black tights and boots LOL

    I have always loved your work, especially, I have worked out to your “Dance with Julianne, Just Dance&Cardio Ballroom” for the past 2 years. I was wondering if there is any chance you can do another set of DVDs like this so that I can mix things up. I have tried many other DVDs but nothing comes close to what yours offer. I understand you are very very busy. But if there is any chance you can do another workout video, it’ll help so many people get in shape 😀 !!!

  53. Hi Julianne. I read you blogs everyday. Your tour bus sounds very cozy. Maybe add some decorative colored Christmas lights to brighten the place up 🙂 if you are taking suggestions, I would recommend you writing a blog about how you got your career started! I feel that topic will be very interesting!

  54. Hey Julianne, can you maybe do a blog about what you did on your day of in Boston? I went to the Boston show and I would love to know what you did in this amazing city!

  55. Jules,

    I’d love love love for you to post about your hair– how did your stylist cut it and what different ways do you style it? I LOVE IT! Please post more details on how to achieve your look! Thanks

  56. My fiancé and I are big fans of yours and would love some autographed pictures of you when you get a chance his name is ben and my name is jackie you can send them to my address its 2001 cherry wood lane bluefield West Virginia 24701 my fiancé would also love a chance to dance with you and I’d love to see dwts live it’s my favorite show

  57. Hi Julianne! I have another suggestion. I sometimes have trouble getting motivated to workout. How do you get motivated?

  58. Would love to see a tutorial on how you curl your hair! I have a similar haircut and LOVE the curls you get on yours. Also, any other hair styling tips would be awesome too!

  59. Hi, Julianne this is Meagan from the other night. I just want to thank you so much for the talk and inspiration. I will never forget it! You are the biggest inspiration to me. Thank you for the encouraging words.

    P.s. I can’t wait to see the Grease Musical

  60. Please do a blog on your beautiful short curly hair! Its so fun, and were all dying to hear your tips and tricks to such pretty curled hair!

    1. #1. How can hair have fun? Do they play with the follicles? #2. Here is the secret to her hair……NOTHING she just has gorgeous hair! (so stop dying now about it)

  61. Congrats Jules on your engagement. So very happy for you. I want to come to the wedding! Lol?? May God bless you and Brooks!

  62. Congrats on the engagement, did you like my idea for a reality show that I pitched on Twitter? LOL I just have to say that I was ABSOLUTELY FLOORED by your performance in Footloose. I was a child of the 1980’s that grew up in a small OK town that followed Elmore City’s lead and outlawed dancing in public. As an adult, the radio station that I worked for led the petition drive that resulted in the laws repeal some 20 years later. I was apprehensive about the remake, but was stunned by your portrayal of Ariel. You brought so much depth to that character, was there an effort to flesh out the character more, or were you just PERFECTLY cast? Your “transformation” from “before” at the council meeting to “after” at the racetrack was impressive just by itself, but the range of emotion and the sincerity of your performance just redefined the character, and the “Redneck Chic” look that you brought back is still evident at every Carrie Underwood concert and small town high school football game! I haven’t seen “Safe Haven” or “Rock of Ages” but I am adding them to my Netflix cue right now! Don’t make me steal your unreleased album from Pirate Bay, let me buy it from you (or iTunes or Amazon)!!

  63. I am a retired photographer/event planner…….instead of a traditional bridal dance….have a bridal dance off!!!! I am suggesting this to all that ask due to your family dance offs that you have had….so happy for you on your engagement!

  64. Dear Julianne,

    I am a huge fan. I wrote this song as I was inspired by an American Soldier and would love if you would be interested singing it. Please see if you might like it.

    Thank you,

  65. Julianne, I am so happy for you and Brooks! It is so heart warming to see two beautiful people in love. I remember the day I got engaged my engagement ring came inside a tin shaped like an easter egg. My Husband said some very sweet words and placed the ring on my finger. It is a day I will never forget! We just celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary in July in Nashville TN. We were in town when you and Derek were there with your Move Live Tour. Love you and Derek!

  66. I’m so happy for you and Brooks! You’re my namesake and I’ve been a Capitals fan for almost 40 years. Too cool! Very happy for both of you. Brooks has got to be the biggest gentleman on the team…

  67. Congrats on being engaged love the ring your finance is not so hot he is hot to look at. Love you both see. You on dancing with stars and tell that hot brother of yours go all the way this year. I will be watching you.

  68. Hey Jules, congrats on the engagement! You are glowing with happiness and it’s so refreshing to see that on a person. I am a freelance dancer in Toronto and would just like to say that you are such an inspiration to dancer everywhere working hard to build a career and you do it all and make it look so easy! Thank you for being my motivation !

  69. Would love to see a dance workout regime and diet plan when working for DWTS. Health posts are great to read as they provide fantastic tips for others so make up and body cleansing blogs are perfect! X

  70. Hi Jules, I watched your movie “Safe Haven” and I found you here just to tell you that you’re so pretty and your beauty is my style but unfortunately we’re married :p but I wish a happy and successful life though… xo

  71. Hi Jules,
    Just wondering if you could direct me in the way of how you created your blog layout? I would love to redesign mine!

    Also, great blog. Love reading your posts. 🙂

  72. thank you for housing such a beautiful soul. you spark much inspiration. tell us more on your ways of balancing life and preparing for the wedding!

  73. Absolutely love reading your blog. In fact, you have impacted my life so much I have created my very own blog. It is so lovely reading a blog which doesn’t have one particular focus. So thank you for that. To make this blog even better, you NEED to write a post about bring the MOVE Live on Tour over to the United Kingdom so I can watch it live! 🙂 x

  74. Jules baby we love you! your blog is amazing and have to say even better than I expected. Keep goin’ girl! I would love to see you in movies again, dancing and singing!! (Like in ‘Rock of Ages’. That was inspiring!) I am really lookin’ forward to that.
    Oh and P.S: Chelsi is right… you gotta give us some make up tutorial a.s.a.p!

  75. you are such a beautiful,sexy girl with or without makeup but I saw you tonight on DWTS and was not impressed at all.Not being mean but just was di

  76. Awesome puppy popsicles Julianne, we are going to try them out on our puppies. Your dress looked so nice on DWTS tonight…and I like the bob hair look. I am going to try some of your recent braid styles…braids seems to be coming back as a handy way to keep hair up or back. I love french-braiding Candices hair at night and it is a quick get ready for School in the morning, she flat irons the braids then takes them out….for a quick crimp get ready do!!! You should do a page on braiding.!! Lots of love to you
    ….your posts are so wholesome and real. Keep going!!!

  77. I would love to see you post some recipes for go to things like salads that have lots of veggies or roasted veggies when you want to snack but don’t want to go off the rails…lol.

  78. Thanks for the egg mask recipes! Can’t wait to try. I wanted to share a DIY mask I love and is perfect for the season. raw pumpkin innards, raw honey, and milk. Whoosh it all in blender and apply with a beauty brush and let sit for 15. It’s kind of itchy from the pumpkin enzymes. You can google all the health benefits of pumpkin for your skin. 🙂

  79. I love your blog! Everything about it is so positive and great! You’re a wonderful actress and an amazing dancer! Way to keep a smile on your face and being such a great role model for young women everywhere. Way to go, Jules!

  80. Can you maybe post a weeks menu? I still get so tired after working out. I wonder if it has something to do with what I’m eating & if that is enough. I’m curious about what your weeks menu looks like. Hope you can help me & others.

  81. Julianne,

    I just love watching you on dancing with the stars. Because no matter how pretty and stunning all the ladies look on there, you stand out because of who you are. You are kind and encouraging and uplifting and you smile all the time. That’s encouraging to me because that’s how I try to be, and it’s cool to see that there are leading ladies out there who arent afraid to be that way.

    I’m sure you are probably familiar with proverbs 31:26: how it says a virtuous woman has “the law of kindness in her tongue.” It makes me think of you. Please keep it up! You’re an inspiration and a breathe of fresh air in this world.


  82. Hello, I would love to see more about your favorite & everyday beauty products such as foundation, eyebrows… everything you always looks so beautiful.

  83. Julianna,
    I am writing you today to thank you for being YOU in everything you do. I am currently at a point of my life where I am very comfortable being weird, outrageous and comfortable being the only one in the room being myself and being okay with not fitting in. Today was one of those days where I contemplate if I’m doing life right- career/friend/sister/coworker & everythingWISE, & you are someone that I see living and loving the little things and constantly staying grounded by being 100% who you are. It is inspirational to see someone with your energy being rewarded with love from every direction. Thank you for inspiring me to reach out and extend the sunshine form my innermost being outward. Thank you for sharing your blog and uniqueness for the world to see. It would be an honor to one day meet you in passing. Xox
    Alyssa Flemington
    @aflemz /

  84. Just watched one of your interviews on Youtube(about key to success) , and it was just what i needed to hear. I have to say that it was so inspiring. You said so many important things that i just had to write them down as a reminder. Gonna start thinking about things Im grateful for every night.

  85. Julianne,
    If you are ever alone, i.e., on tour or on set, and want to chat, “late night,” I have Alot of common interests with you. Although older than you, young at heart, a sponsor for military elite, pageant girls, Nashville “special story,” etc. You can trust me.
    Email Roxy
    P.S. I have Amazing recipes, fashion tips, ( owned a fashion/beauty show business), doggy info, health miracles, etc..

  86. I humbly wish that Julianne would sing my song “American Soldier You Make Me Proud” in honor for those who serve the country. I don’t have the voice to sing it and I wish that she would consider.

    In front lines you fight for the county you love and for
    the friends you have lost in the battles you have fought. You are the heart and soul of the country
    you love. I feel your pain from the
    stars above and your courage strengthens my heart, my fear, my love.

    American soldier, you make me proud. I feel protected when you are around. With dignity you fight.

    With hands you crush the enemies around. Your Bravery is so loud, I hear its sound. Please don’t let your guard down. You are an American Soldier and you make me

    Freedom didn’t come without a price, for many soldiers, it
    cost them their lives. You are a
    father, a brother, a daughter, a son and a lover. You are an American soldier and you make me
    proud. When the hero with in you rises,
    you stand up, and put your life on the line to protect innocent lives. Your mama waits at the door to hear your
    footstep sound and she is so proud from a boy to a man you have become. When I look at your face, I feel your
    pain, your body and soul ache. You are
    so much more than a stranger. You are my
    life savior.

    American soldier, you make me proud. I feel protected when you are around. With dignity you fight.

    With hands you crush the enemies around. Your Bravery is so loud, I hear its sound. Please don’t let your guard down. You are an American Soldier and you make me

    In every American soldier, I see a hero, a pride and for
    rights of the people they are willing to die.

  87. Hey, I would love to know how you get you perfect casual curls? My hair is short and curls, but I can never get the right wave!

  88. Hey somone gelp me out. Im 63 and recovering from comolications of open Heart Surgery and Im, in bed 24-7. I have become a big fan of Juliannea. Tonight while watching dncing with the stars as she was applauding I noticed a small lung under her Left arm. It was avery visible. i just want her to get it checked out, but I dont know how to get my message to her, her agent or maybe even Dancing with th stars.. Can anyone help me…It looks like Im not the only one that loves Julianne and her work.. Sincerely thanking everyone tha helps me, Carol H. Peters.. I<m very concerned.I.m not a nut, Iam the Authof of the Childrens book Duffy Dunphy though. Please help me reach her/

  89. Hi! I agree with Becky and Chelsi. Would love to see a post about your eyebrow / makeup routine! Love that you have this site now… I just found it and it is my favorite by far! Thank you so much for your wisdom!

  90. Julianne,

    I have an eleven year old daughter who is a huge fan and has taken up ballroom dancing because of what you guys do on DWTS. Thanks for being the sort of role model that a parent can gladly endorse and get behind. And thanks for your fantastic work in keeping traditional art forms such as ballroom dancing alive and well.

  91. Julianne, I have been watching you since I was born. You have been my idol as far back as I can remember. After watching Dancing with the Stars, I knew I wanted to be a dancer. I also take pleasure in acting. You are my favorite person, and I look up to you so much!! My dream is to meet you. I am 14 and I live in Massachusetts. I do everything I can everyday to be like you! Hopefully someday I can be as amazing as you are and meet you, and thank you, for your amazing inspiration. You are truly amazing. -Maeve

  92. I saw your post about the impending question ‘What kind of bride should I be?’ First, I love you and you are a daily inspiration to me. I even have your blog bookmarked on my computer so I can check out your latest posts! Second, I love the Dakota gown that you posted for your style. Simple Elegance is something to strive for! 🙂 With your personality, and daily styles, I know that you would make anything beautiful. The main idea that it boils down to is, ‘What is going to make Julianne feel beautiful and comfortable on her wedding day?’ I can’t wait to see what you choose!

  93. Julianne, I just wanted to say thank you. You are such an inspiration in my life and have helped me to become true to myself, my dreams, fitness, love, and life in general. I underwent heart surgery over the summer and it was a challenging time, but your website changed my life. It helped me regain my confidence and reconnect with who I was before all of this. So, I just wanted to say how incredible you are and how thankful I am that you have this site. I wish you all the best in your life, you deserve absolute happiness. God Bless You and your family!

  94. Non-traditional is my pick for you! It’s like you – classically elegant yet stands apart from run-of-the-mill. You would wear the dress – some of the others would wear you.

  95. I just signed the petition. Hope Meriam Webster changes the definition of success and the donations to dress for success are a big help. Loved your interview on #GMA

  96. Hi Julianne! I love and look up to you so much! You’re one of my favorites. Just like you I love dancing and acting but mostly dancing. I was wondering what tips you have to make it in the dancing/or acting business? It’s my dream (besides meeting you) xoxo

  97. Hey Julianne. You are so refreshing. I am gushing at your demeanor – light-hearted, open, loving, beautiful! I read about your weightloss and how you lost a great amount of weight within 2 weeks….pure awesome. Would you please share the details with me? I am also inspired that you are fit and feminine instead of ripped or bulky…lean and soft is what I am working for and almost at. Just a little tightening in arms and inner thighs/booty to do! I am in need to drop 6 more before New Years:) My boyfriend will be down. Long distant relationship unfortunately, but I wouldn’t have it any other way considering our connection and how we both light each other up. Life is an adventure even being long distance, so you know it’s good!!;) We will be reuniting in my state to spend time quality time together with me and my family for a couple of days. Life has given me so many blessings and I think losing these last pounds would just top off it all, starting the New Year at my leaneset. I want more energy and to go out to my loved ones, so knocking off the last pounds would be ah so amazing…Light hearted (weightless?) to love my loved ones to the fullest. Life is too short not to work your hardest. My 5th self value is listed “Accomplishment” 3rd is “Inspiring others by example” Number one is “Love and warmth in my own skin” I just need some guidance. Who better to ask than you xoxo

  98. Hi Jules 🙂 I am in LOVE with your short hair. I was wondering if you would post a how to on how you get your soft curls and what tools you use.

  99. Hi! i just wanted to know what sort of dancing you did when you were younger? since i really want to dance like you, but i dont know where to start! Thanks xx

  100. Hi Jules, okay I am just now discovering your blog. We ‘young at heart folks’ take a little longer to discover all the good stuff on technology. I wanted to give you some of, I won’t call it advise, my opinions for your wedding. I always say keep true to yourself too. I have helped plan 5 weddings. One destination with a big party after at home, one barn wedding, one small intimate backyard wedding, a medium size wedding and my own with 350 people, which was large by my standards. I do okay, love party planning, it should have been my career, but I digress. You, will not know which one of the dresses is “IT” until you try it on and look in the mirror. You will know which one as soon as you see it. Everyone has opinions but you have to be happy. For a winter wedding ensemble, I would say your one must have is a long cape with a faux fur hood edge, all in white. Stunning ! White flowers BUT pick your favorite color or use the color of the girls dresses and have it mixed in you bouquet. You should have contrast. My personal favorite would be red, cranberry or burgundy. Destination should be centralized, so if you are looking for snow…Colorado. ( Now if you were looking for beach I would have suggested Traverse City Michigan. )Depending on the venue, you will feel your own ‘theme’. Rustic, classy, bohemium/funky…outside the box and memorable are good, but you want all your guests comfortable and with all the dancing I would say you need a place like a ballroom with a large dance floor. Mixing styles works, our barn wedding was burlap and lace with lots of sparkle lights. I see you as eclectic elegence, a little funky with classic beauty. I know you have plenty of people, I am sure some far more talented than I, to help but it should be a very special day, the way you envision it. Congratulations and best of luck!
    A huge fan!

  101. So random, but I listen to your album on repeat all the time !! Please perform again or upload videos of you doing all your songs again!!! Please please please!!!!!!
    -Diana Bateman

  102. I love your blog! You stay so fit but I was wondering how you stay so motivated. I am struggling to get into the workout routine so I was wondering if you had any tips.

  103. Jules .. I have always admired you as a dancer and also your style.. May I ask you a question..? I watched you on Good Morning America today and LOVE LOVE the Red Jumpsuit you wore.. Is it possible for you to tell me what designer it is? I would greatly appreciate it.. Thank you and wishing you all the best with your Wedding.. Congratulations.. You will make a Gorgeous Bride..

  104. Hi Jules!!! Looking for some advice or insight on healthy tips! I find myself trying to cut sugar or certain things out and I never seem to have enough self control to do so! What are you tips and advice?

  105. Love the name of your page…awesome! We need this so much these days! Can’t wait to see you in “Grease”!
    Make if a grateful day!

  106. I love your blog! I would love to see a tutorial and tips on how you get your hair so big and your bangs to flip like they do. I’ve tried everything to get my hair like that and would love some tips! Can’t wait to see you in Grease live! Thanks

  107. Well, I went into watching Grease LIVE with skepticism.
    ….however, I have been very impressed with your talent, as well as the other actors on the show.
    As a purist to the original movie, I have to say you did the character justice. BRAVA!

  108. I saw the original grease about a dozen times yours was amazing a lot harder when it’s live hope your going to be back with dancing with the stars

    1. Riley…If you love grease i think thats a personal issue…..Its kinda slippery and gross and do not think she cares if you like grease or not. Do you love oil then too???

  109. Hi Jules, want to say I love you work! You are an amazing actress and I have watch almost everything you have been in. You seem so sweet, tender, soft spoken and very loving and I just adore you! You were so goid in Grease live, why don’t they do the remake movie and have you all play in the movie like they have been doing with older movies cause you did such amazing job being sandy. Love it!!! So movie Grease remake???? You should push them to do it. Hope one day to meet your beautiful face. Sending you love!!

  110. Hi Julianne! First, I just want to say that I’m a huge fan and am always in awe of your many talents! I was wondering if you could give me some advice. I have been dancing since I was four and have loved every second of it. I have continued this love of dance in college by getting involved in various clubs and even choreographing my own dances for a show! I’m a senior now and am not even close to good enough to pursue this as a career; however, I want to continue this passion! How would you suggest staying involved in the dance community as a young adult? Thanks!

  111. Hey Jules! HUGE fan of yours, I am still buzzing about Grease Live and how flawless you were! I was wondering if you could do a little write up about your favourite things. Such as what music you’re into, what makeup and hair products you’re loving right now! 🙂

  112. So I’m usually not a big fan of podcasts, but today I was fortunate enough to be forced by my boyfriend to watch your interview with Lewis Howes. It completely change my whole outlook on my dance career, my happiness, and life in general. Thank you for being such a positive and inspiring person. I actually have a website and I wrote a blog post titled “Put Purpose Behind Your Passion” about how empowering your video was and how it has refueled my passion for dance and achieving greatness. I would love for you to read it, you’ve truly been an inspiration to me.

  113. Jules, I’ve been following you and what you do with The Kindness Campaign. I love what you do with Lauren and Molly’s organization and have a huge passion for it. When I was in college, I really wanted to begin a similar program on my campus but was overwhelmed with classes, work and extra-curriculars. Now as a young professional, I still have an unfaltering passion for what you lovely ladies do. Is there a way for volunteers to get involved in The Kind Campaign? Would love to see, help, volunteer or attend one of the sessions! Thanks for spreading kindness every day.

  114. Hi Jules!
    I adore your website!! I love how much emphasis you put on self-care and loving the body you were given, it’s so motivational. I love the DIY’s as well! One question is how in the world do you get your teeth so white? Any tips? xoxo

  115. I love photos of you with your adorable dogs. As a fellow owners of a Cavalier, my husband and I would like to say that any guy that wouldn’t like to look at cute dog photos needs to chill out a bit. Originally Cavaliers were not just lap dogs but hunting dogs, as noted in the history of Blenheim Palace. If Cavaliers were wimpy dogs, they wouldn’t have been owned by Winston Churchill’s family for generations. Cavaliers were just smart enough to know that sitting on a pretty girl’s lap was vastly preferable to hunting in the soggy English countryside.

    1. Sharon…thank you for the History lesson on Cavaliers. I thought they were just a car. Thank gosh Winston Churchill’s family owned them; thats makes me wanting one a no brainer (not)…Any dog who would rather lay on a warm lap instead of chasing game thru the mud on a cold day is a smart ass dog…

  116. Hi Jules! Was wondering if you can do a post about dog carriers? I have Cavalier King Charles Spaniels like you and love to have them travelling with me but need a decent carrier to bring them in. I would love to know where you got yours as it look looks great 🙂

  117. Hi Jules, just wondering if you are planning on coming down to San Diego, California anytime soon? Hope all is well. Blessings.

  118. Hi Jules! Just want to say hello. Im new to CDA, from South Carolina, and when I got here I met with an Acting coach, who is great, and got an opportunity to do the Red Carpet night at the Post Falls nursing home. It was a great opportunity. I got to meet so many great people, including your grandparents. I just wanted to post and say that I am sorry for your familys loss.

  119. Hi Julianne my name is kamron nice to meet you i’m autstic My Question Is Why you not returning to dancing with the stars season 22 and why

  120. Hi Jules,

    I would love to see a post of your skincare routine, it would be fantastic. Also, simple diy fixes for dark circles and eyebrow care would be really helpful.

    Love your blog!

  121. Hi Jules! I would love it if you would tell us about what time you eat each day and what exactly a day of eating looks like for you? Do you meal plan or just go with the flow??

    1. What time really??? Its when shes not sleeping #1. A day of eating looks like an arm and a hand moving towards the mouth area! Im sure shes plans her meals……(IE: I plan on eating today, I plan on not eating crap greasy foods, I plan on drinking liquids today”’does this help?

  122. Hey Julianne!! Love your site! So much good advice
    Wondering if you could do a post about time management. You seem like such a busy lady, but you’re still able to get so much done & look great doing it. Lately I’m beginning to feel a bit over stretched myself and I was just wondering how you keep it all together?


  123. Hey Julianne, I am in high school and I was just wondering if you have any advice on feeling left out or excluded. I feel like every weekend my “friends” do something and I am repeatedly left out. Thanks.

  124. Hi Julianne,

    This may be a silly question, but I am wondering how you drink your coffee to make it “healthier.”
    When you go to Starbucks, do you always order skinny versions, or do you “splurge” once in a while?
    I am asking because I drink Starbucks lattes at least 3-4 times per week, but I know how unhealthy they can be for me. I want to try a healthier coffee/latte choice, but I still want something that tastes good! Any suggestions?


  125. Hi Jules, I just love all your postes!
    I just wanted to suggest maybe some YouTube video like tutorials or recipes, bcz sometims for people like me who aren’t from America, Is more easy to understand watching something than reading.
    Is a small suggestion, but I already love your website, just the way it is!?
    I appreciate your dedication to this website even in you busy schedule, thanks for sharing with us!??
    Love you, Gopy from Italy!
    (Sorry for my English)

  126. I would love to see/hear about your actual workout routine. How much cardio and what, etc. I saw an article in one of the “health” magazines that showed you doing Pilates-type exercises and some weights. You don’t get a body like that without cardio, no? I also saw a piece on tv with you jumping rope, dancing about, etc. Can you break-it-down now for us? What do you really do?

  127. Just saw you in Save Haven, and loved you.

    I’m a 51 year old technician in the air force, and also an politician in Denmark, but after have seen you I just have to wish you all the best in your future.

    Johnny F.

  128. What products did you use for your short beauty waves BEFORE the perm? Even with olaplex I don’t think my freshly lightened locks could handle it!

  129. Julianne, I’m writing for my roommate who thinks you’re really hot. He also asked me to send his pic if that’s ok.

  130. Please be more safe with your dog’s. The video of you holding your dog with YOU wearing your seat belt but your dog in your arms is not a wise thing to do. If you and your husband to be and dogs were in a car accident (particularly in a convertible) that dog would fly out of your arms and be killed. To some you are a role model and someone some people try to emulate so be more mindful. The dogs you ❤❤ so much could be killed because you did something stupid. Cute, yes. But stupid in a moving vehicle.

  131. Hey Jules!

    I was just wondering if you could do an article on hair maybe? I also wanted to hear some advice from you! I have curly/wavy hair but it is also very frizzy! I really want to cut it short but i am scared because it is very frizzy and i might end up with an afro if i cut it short. Do you think i should cut it? Also do you have any advice on how to treat hair and keep healthy? It would be great to hear from you thanks :)!!

  132. Jules!!! We were all astonished at your comment regarding the final 3 contestants
    at the Miss America contest when you said: “Look at the diversity among our final
    3”. What??!! There were 2 blacks and a Hawaiian. Diversity?

  133. I know Julianne loves dogs and animals, as do i. That is why I need help raising money to be able to take this precious puppy to the vet to get his/her eye fixed. Don’t help me. Help this poor baby before the matter gets worse and too late for help. Please donate to my gofundme page so we can get him/her all fixed up and feeling good! Thank you so much

  134. I didn’t know who you were but the girl in the Proactive commercials. So after many months I thought that I would look you up only to find that you are many more amazing things. Happy 4th:)

  135. Hello!
    I am 24 and moving to Africa this summer because I accepted a teaching position at an International school in Nairobi, Kenya. I completely adored your post about your trip to Africa!! I hope you were able to fully appreciate the beauty of the grasslands. It’s breathtaking!! I loved your style guide-and was hoping you could give me some insight into where you purchased your hats for the trip? I am seeking some sun protection while still finding something similar to what you pictured. Could you help me out? I’d love to purchase a couple of hats like that before flying out!! Thank you!!!!

  136. I was wondering if you could give advice on loving your body… being happy in your own skin. All my friends say I’m crazy when I talk negatively about my body but I don’t see what they see. I admire you and your pure presence of joy and would like to love myself like you do. Hope you have a blessed day!


  137. Hey Julianne, have you come up with any new songs to start working on another album? Have a happy birthday! It is so hard to believe that you are going to be 28 years old. You are still better looking than all of the high school cheerleaders in the world.

  138. Hi! I’m an aspiring singer and I’d like to be an artist like you. I love your song, “You, You, You” very much. I really want sing the song for my audition. Is there any way that I can get the sheet music?

  139. Hey Jules I Absolutly Love the Shades of this season many of them I use However I was wondering If you could give me some tipps For making Brown Eyes Really Bright and Stand out Mine are So dark and I have envied yours Since Footloose please help

  140. Hi Julianne!! I’ve been wanting to get hair like yours so I used “sun in” the blonde beach spray and my hair got blonde but I can’t control it now and my roots are coming in. How did you get your hair blonde? What color did you use?

  141. Happy Birthday Julianne! I am the Head Coach for the UCLA Gymnastics team. I am forever trying to educate our student-athletes about how to use social media in a positive way. You are the first person that I suggest they follow as a smart, healthy, beautiful and fun example of how to post and leave a “positive footprint”. Thank you for being such a great example for women to follow.

  142. Hey Julianne! I was wondering if you do any meal planning for the week? If so, what are some of your go to meals? Also what are some of your go to snack?

  143. Hi Juliane! I am a 16 year old girl who has a question on a topic you have not yet touched on: blogging! I would love to start my own lifestyle blog but I am experiencing many doubts such as what if I am not mean’t to blog? or what if people aren’t interesting in what I have to say? My self-confidence is fairly low but I am always seeking ways for motivation. If that’s ok, I would love it if u shared what motivated you to start this blog in the first place, and how myself can learn to improve my confidence as blogging has always been a interest of mine.

    Thank you so much,


    1. Grace….. Your comments prove you know how to type which is first step in blogging. Secondly you seem to spell well (check) and you obviously have a computer! Thats all you need…NEXT!

  144. Hey Jules, I am watching your “Running Wild” episode right now (specifically, the snake part). You’ve got balls.

  145. Hello,

    I know there is only the slightest chance this will be read by the eyes of Julianne but I feel it’s worth a shot, however minimal.

    My name is Savannah Dickson, I’m 22 and I live in Oowensoboro, KY. I grew up in Lexington, i even saw you in concert at Red, white, and boom when I was 12, but more importantly, I was a dancer in my younger years. Unfortunately, I was forced to stop when anorexia took control of my life. I haven’t put on my pointe shoes since I was 14 years old and sent to inpatient treatment. But I’ve been healthy and doing well for 8 years now and my dream of dancing has never faded. I may be wrong, but I’ve heard you didn’t start dancing until you were 19, and look at your success.

    I would love advice on what to do. To try and chase what I lost? Or to accept I’m too old and out of practice?

    1. I know I’m not Julianne, but I just wanted to say I’m very proud of you for getting healthy. A lot of people don’t understand how hard that really is.

      I believe that your dancing isn’t really lost, just stuck on the back burner for a bit. If you find something you love and have a passion for you should always have it in your life. I mistakenly listened to some bad advice and stopped pursuing music and went a safer route. That doesn’t mean I stopped singing.. and honestly my shower brush makes one heck of a microphone most mornings. 22 is not old. A lot of people have to switch tracks for a bit and then find their way back later. If you love it and want it in your life, start simple. Maybe join a dance class? I truly feel you’ve accomplished so much just beating anorexia, that if you want to dance.. dance. Don’t let people tell you you can’t or shouldn’t do something you love. Wouldn’t you rather say I tried vs saying I should have tried?

      Just my 2 cents. I really just wanted to tell you great job on combating anorexia.

  146. I saw a recent picture on Instagram where you had on a pair of black running shoes. I believe it was on US Weekly. What brand are they? I’ve been searching for a pair similar to my trusty ones that need to be retired.. and I haven’t found a pair I like enough to get. The style looks similar to the ones I have and love. Thanks in advance!

  147. Hey Jules, I was wondering can you and Derek’s #moveinteractive fitness class/hike come to NC please?? Keep inspiring.

  148. Hi Julianne, I am joining the Air Force. And my recruiter said that I should gain some muscle and I don’t know how to so if you could give me some tips on how to gain muscle that would be great.
    Have a nice day.
    My email is

  149. I would love to see a post on all the hair care products you like to use. I have semi similar hair and have been trying to find something that works for years.

  150. Good Evening Jules! My name is Emily and I am from California. In my home town, my community theatre is putting on Rock of Ages, and we had auditions this past weekend. Today I found out that I was cast as Sherrie. I am so excited! You have inspired me so much, and I cannot wait to perform as Sherrie. Are there any tips and tricks you could give me when it comes to this character? I hope I can do it justice just like you did.

    Thank you so much for everything you do. I aspire to be like you some day.

    Love, Emily

  151. Hi Jules! Would just like to share with you that you have been an inspiration to me for years. From your seemingly down to earth personality to your fashion and hair! Thank you for being you 😊

  152. Okay, real talk. No one is as happy as you are all of the time…

    Perhaps if we all had perfect lives and were just perfect all around just like you and never had anything go wrong and had millions of dollars! Then, I suppose there may be a slight chance?

  153. Hallo, ich schreibe dir, weil mich jemand auf Facebook in deinem Namen als Freund eingeladen hat. Ich vermute, dass jemand deinen Account gehackt hat. Wenn dem nicht so ist, dann wäre alles okay. Ich wäre trotzdem über eine Antwort dankbar. Ich kann leider kein Englisch aber hoffe, du kannst das lesen. Mein Account bei Facebook ist: Jürgen Veilandics, Hartha-Germany.

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  155. Hi Jules!

    I am a senior in high school and I have been on the dance team for about 3 years. Just this year I was diagnosed with scoliosis and my dancing took a big hit. All the dance girls were upset with me and I was a target for why we were bad. I tried my hardest to overcome it but it is still hard. Then, just recently I made the spring musical, Cinderella and practices are everyday confliciting with dance. I had missed practice one day because I was getting to know the ropes of the whole musical production, and I got yelled at that day and the day after. I had also gotten bullied over Snapchat and Facebook about that day. My mom and I were done with the drama and I quit. I am just wondering how I can overcome both my injury and the bullying I am recieving at school. I would really love your opinion because I don’t know who to talk to anymore.
    Grace H

  156. Julianne, this is Taylor. I was wondering if there are VIP passes just to meet you and not to have the seats because we already got seats.

  157. Hi Julianne, this is Taylor. I was wondering if there is a way for me to get VIP passes without getting the seats because we already got the tickets for the seats

  158. Hello Julianne my name is Ashley Im from Edmonton Alberta, I am such a big fan of you and your brother…. Im trying to give my room a makeover, It is far from the relaxing intimate idea that is in my head, Any pointers would incredibly appreciated. I have a fairly big room king sized bed this is my dresser and matching nightstands, there bigger and heavy…… I also have an example of the wallpaper behind my bed.

    please give me some advise to make this more serene and relaxing

  159. I really like the photo at the top of this page (Facebook – Official Account). It’s as nice as the one of you on the parked bicycle. It’s New Year’s Eve 2016/2017, Y’all are at the Fox Theater in Atlanta tonight and I really wanted to go, but tonight (New Year’s) is not the night to be downtown, it’s 39 degrees and drizzling, not good to take the 14 yr old twins out. I really wanted to see the show. The Fox has been around since the 1920’s -30’s, I hope you had a chance to look around it. I saw “Safe Haven” last night, you really did a good job. It looks like you haven’t been to this site for a while. I think I’ll copy and paste this on your website.

  160. PLEASE COME TO OREGON ON YOUR UPCOMING TOUR!!!!!!!! You have many fans out here and it looks like your tour is going to just about every state in the US, but Oregon and Washington. NY and NJ get 7 shows and we get none. Please add 1 or 2 shows out here. Thanks, kathy

  161. Hi Julianne! I was a dancer all 4 years in high school. I pulled my right hamstring 3 years ago and I still have pain sometimes after stretching or working out. Even on plane rides from sitting for a few hours. Could you do a blog post on healing torn tissue? I believe that is why my hamstring still has a strain like feeling.

  162. hi Julianne I live in Melbourne, Australia and are big fans of you and your brother Derek. I was just wondering if you and Derek ever planned on doing a tour in melbourne because I would love to watch you guys perform live.

  163. Hi Jules,
    I feel like I’m in a really rough spot in my life. I’ve come from really toxic relationships and it has left me feeling hopeless and not enough in the one I’m in right now. He’s a great guy and doesn’t deserve my bad attitudes and mood swings but I just cant shake off this negative energy and I keep blaming my past as if it was an excuse to keep acting like a brat… can anyone relate or give some sound advice?
    xoxo Nicole.

  164. Hi, Julianne! Not too long ago you shot a video for DAC and a lovely young woman by the name of Anasheh Abramiyan shared her story about cervical cancer. Unfortunately Miss Anasheh passed away yesterday. The young dancers, staff and families are of course devasted. I’m sure this too much to ask, but if you happen to be close to the Simi Valley, California Gotta Dance Academy and could spare a few minutes of your time to stop by and meet some of these amazing dancers…It would mean the world to them. Thank you and God bless!

  165. JULES,
    DO YOU?

  166. You know, I just saw “Footloose” for the first time ever, and I was very impressed. Julianne is such a good actress. Where has she been all my life? lol

  167. hi jules iam a big big fan of you actually iam seeing your movies all over and over till i discovered something very nice about you personally that you are so precious one really you have no same in your personality and kindness and a beauty as well as i wanted to say from my heart “god bless you girl” ..i hope we could be in touch jules i’ll be so happy to make a good friendship with you !

  168. Hi,Julianne
    I have depression real bad it really got bad after my mom died.A lot of people tell me that it will get better.She will be gone three years and I’m scared that my depression will get worse if I hear somebody else tells me that it will get better.What can I do so that it don’t get worse. Thank you,Nancy

  169. Hi Jules! I was wondering if you could do a blog post on how you get so much volume into your everyday hair! Do you have any helpful hints or secrets you could share ??

  170. Add a Virginia location to your tour! Newport News, Richmond, Norfolk…please!! Big dance community here.

  171. Hey Julie. Have tickets for your show on May19th in Sugarland and I am eagerly anticipating the show. Only snag is, I purchased two VIP tickets but I can’t get any information on the meet and greet time. Possibly for future events an email could go out to those of us with VIP tickets. I have contacted Ticket Master several times with no luck. Sure hope I don’t miss the opportunity to meet y’all. Thanks for bringing your talent to Texas!

  172. Hey Julianne! Like you, I have endometriosis but I also have PCOS. My question to you would be how do you stay active and healthy with this diagnosis?

  173. Julianne, Congratss on your wedding, which is heartbreaking! But I still adore you; who knows maybe I will get a chance in next life.


  174. Congratulations so much on your wedding!! May you be blessed with many many happy and healthy years together! You looked amazing and it looked like a very special celebration filled with lots of love! I don’t know if you will see this but I wanted to Thank You again so very much for taking time to greet the crowd when you and Derek were in Lincoln, NE. I was one of the last people you met and if you remember, I didn’t have a phone that would take pictures but a stranger let us use their phone to take pictures and you made a video for our son, Casey, who has a physical disability and was unable to attend the show because all the accessible seating was sold out. He is a HUGE HUGE fan of yours and I was so thrilled that you took time to make a special video for him. Sadly, the strangers never sent the pictures or video to me! Even with his disabilities, he gives his all and tries his best to play “Dancing with the Stars” on his WII. He can’t stand and do the movements but does what he can with his upper body! He records all the shows you’re on and watches them over and over. He’s thrilled with the autograph and while I would have loved to have shared the pictures and video with him, I am forever grateful how kind and caring you were in trying to make him happy! You’ll never know how it touched this mom’s heart! God Bless you!!!!

  175. Thank you for the beautiful dance tonight. My mom, my daughter’s and I have POTS (Dysautonomia) and EDS (Connective tissue disorder). We also have Arnold Chiari Malformation (brain herniated out base of skull), Mast cell activation disorder and a few others. You did an amazing job!

  176. Hi Jules – I would love to see a post about your nail care! You always have a flawless manicure and I’m curious if this is a gel manicure or other long last wear manicure product.

  177. Hey Jules, I liked your dancing but am curious, why don’t you wear your wedding ring on dancing with the stars or when doing a show on tv?

  178. I hope you understand,I mean this is the most sincer way. On ABCs Christmas special hon you looked like a Jean Harlow thorw back, and not in a good way. Your a beautiful women with class, dont try to be something your not,it was awlful.

  179. Hi,jules! i am a big fan of u and nina your BFF. You are awesome i love u and i love everything in u i hope that oneday i will see u.

  180. Hi. I have seen many people question your outfits that you wore on safari. I am going myself this summer. Could you please do a blog post on what you packed and where you purchased your clothes for your safari honeymoon? I can tell by the comments that many people are interested in this topic. Thank you so much!

  181. Hi Julianne,

    In a recent instagram post you mentioned starting your goal/vision board for 2018. I wanted to know what kind of process you go through to complete that – do you make a spread sheet, keep a diary, do a poster stuck up on the wall? and how do you keep track of where you are in terms of completing those goals? I find it very difficult keeping tabs on things so find I end up not reaching my goals, so any advice you can give would be appreciated. Thanks : )

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