6 Ways To MOVE: The Dance Challenge

You all know how I feel about dance when it comes to elevating my mood and staying in shape. Derek and my feelings and beliefs about dance were the major influences behind us creating the MOVE Live On Tour! We wanted to share with everyone the sensational benefits of movement. I realize not everyone can make it to our show, but I’m hoping I can still inspire some of you to get your groove on.

This weekend, I challenge you to push outside your comfort zone and do something exciting! I’ve got some fun ways you can express yourself, but there are no rules for this challenge, so just get crazy and let loose, but most importantly — tell me how it goes!

Here are some of my ideas to incorporate dance into your weekend:

1. Jump into a conga line or step into a free salsa class… and tell me how it goes!

2. Hit the clubs! You don’t have to down drinks to dip it low on the dance floor.

3. Join a flash mob! (need I say more??)

4. Take a dance class at your gym! People will be more focused on the fitness aspect and less so on the choreography, so there’s no pressure to get the steps right (but it’ll be just as much fun).

5. Become Beyonce! Make it your mission to freeze-frame and learn every move from your favorite music video.

6. Try something new! Is there a cowboy bar that boasts some boot-scootin’ line dancing? A swing dancing festival at a park nearby? A little Internet search might surprise you with something new and adventurous.

How are you going to get your MOVE on?

Photo credit: Sean Flynn

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  1. I think that you campaign to promote dance is very important for America. I have to admit that I don’t dance anymore but I will always believe in dance and its role in a sound society….

  2. I absolutely love this!!! so much fun!!! Move was such an a amazing show and although there are only 2 shows left on this tour, I ENCOURAGE ANYONE READING THIS THAT HAS NOT BEEN TO A SHOW YET AND IS CLOSE TO ONE OF THE 2 VENUES LEFT ON THE TOUR TO GO!!! it’s worth every penny and is the time of your life! I cried multiple times after the show for over (and even a little before it started lol) I was lucky enough to have been able to meet Derek and Jules at the Nashville show and I consider July 26th the best night of my life!!! you’ll have such a great time!!! HAVE A GREAT LAST 2 SHOWS, JULES!!!!

  3. This is an amazing tip Jules! I don’t know where you keep getting these fantastic ideas but please keep it up!! 🙂

  4. The tip where it says “become Beyoncé” and you said to learn step by step of your favorite music video. I love your dance to “Shut up and Dance” on move live. I would love if you did a tutorial on that dance because I’ve tried to learn parts of it but you guys move way to fast for me! Please consider this! Thanks?

  5. Yes I am a hihop dancer and I will be training to be a ballroom dancer your tips are so inspiring and move live on tour was amazing.

  6. You know I will get my move on! Going to Vegas as I write this! To see your final show! I will be dancing this whole weekend! ?

  7. I usually try to come up with a new dance craze in my mind first. You know something cool that most people would find fun to do! Then I imagine Julianne dancing it and it looks much better!

    1. Oh my gosh! I’m 15 and I learned the line dance as well!:) My little sister joined in too and we had a great time! Dance is just a great escape from reality (: Julianne is such an inspirational human being.

      1. Hi Maddie, I’m so glad that you love to dance too! Zumba is my favorite type. Have you tried? I think you and your sister would love it!!

        1. Hi Marissa! I have tried a quick zumba class during dance class last week! It was so energetic and it was so much fun! I will definitely be taking zumba classes in the near future. I take ballet, tap, jazz, high kick and hip hop and it is such a escape! I hope you have a great rest of your day Marissa!

  8. Jules you are such an inspiration to me and I especially loved your 6 ways to move challenge. I dance myself 4-5 days a week but I am always looking for more opportunities to have so fun and to do what I love. I admire you and your brother so much and you never fail to remind me of the real reason I started to dance at 3 and am still doing it at 16. Although I am going to sixth form college to study a levels over the next few years I will continue to dance and be surrounded by the people I love. I always have a smile on my face and I love to spread kindness and happiness just like you do. Ever since DWTS, Footloose, Rock of Ages and Safe Haven I have wanted to meet you and when you did your first tour I couldn’t wait. However with living in the UK I haven’t made it to one yet but hopefully I will one day. I was able to watch it on yahoo live though and I now love learning all of the steps to the dances. Xxxxxx

  9. Dancing is pretty much my workout, so I like to learn new dances I find online that I love. Then, I make a playlist. I’ve been trying to do 5 or 6 songs which is around 30 minutes, and it makes a great workout. The best thing is that it’s free! I pigged out last night, so I’ll probably be shaking it today to burn some of it off. haha Just wanted to also say that I’ve really been enjoying your blogs! It’s fun to connect with you and everybody on here. 🙂

  10. First of all LOVE #1. A free salsa class was the first date my husband & I had. He thought I knew how to dance (I didn’t), and he pretend to know way more than he really did. We actually missed the lesson, but it didn’t matter. There was a band and dancing still going on. Brian pulled me out on the packed floor with all these other great dancers and I just let him lead through the few steps he knew. That did it. We’ve been dancing together ever since.

    Now to add to your list, here’s how I get my MOVE on:

    1. I put my favorite song on and jam out it to after I get out of bed. No matter what comes my way that day at least I have already done one thing I love and I start the day feeling more alive.

    2. I take dance breaks while cooking or cleaning. I love listening to new music (streaming stuff, Pandora, Apple Radio, etc.) while I prepare meals & tidy things up. Sometimes a song comes on that I just can’t help but move to. I just put what I’m doing on hold (I haven’t ruined any meals yet!) and let go and enjoy. If it’s a salsa song sometimes Brian will grab and we’ll dance together. Yeah, we’ve both learned a little bit since that first date.

  11. Julianne, seeing that you were in Vegas made me wish you went on the “zip line thing” that you rode in ‘Paradise’. You could have took a comparison picture from them and now. Haha love you Jules❤️

  12. I found a dance exercise class at one of the malls in Phoenix. It’s free and we dance right there in the middle of the mall…crazy and fun. I was so exited to share this with you because our first song at class today was “Shut up and Dance”. I just got back from the show in Las Vegas last night, and dancing to the song made the Move connection so real! You are an amazing inspiration. Thank you for shining your light with us!

  13. Julianne,
    You are such a talented dancer, actress, and singer, and an inspirational person. I just attended the Move live on tour in LA and it was the best and most memorable experience of my life! I have been watching you and Derek on Dancing with the Stars and listening to your music for a long time, and being able to go to your show was absolutely magical! Your amazing and engaging performances, modesty, and motivational messages moved me to tears by the end of the show and inspired me to be the best that I can be.
    I started dancing when I was 3 (now I’m 15) and have found a great way to express myself and stay active. Watching you and your brother continues to inspire me to push myself beyond my comfort zone and explore new styles. I get my move on by putting on any song with a good beat and start choreographing it. I also have been learning various dance styles (tap, jazz, hip-hop, samba, belly dance, and an Indian classical dance which I have been learning for 10 years.) Your move challenge inspired me to join Center Stage Dance Academy in LA this fall. I also like to do your ‘Dance With Julianne – Cardio Ballroom’ workout. Your Become Beyonce suggestion is so cool – I do that so much with you and Derek’s dance videos!
    I really hope you and Derek will do the tour again next year to keep inspiring everyone and so hopefully I can fulfill my dream of meeting both of you 🙂
    Please continue inspiring everyone with your amazing blog. Thanks ?Ishika

  14. I know this is late! But dance is what makes me MOVE! Every time I go to a party that has a DJ, I’m always the first one on the dance floor getting everyone up and MOVing! Love line dances and just moving to the music!

  15. Hey Julianne,
    I finally got the opportunity to go to Move Live on Tour in Vegas this past weekend. It was amazing. The most memorable experience I will ever have. You and Derek are so inspiring. My favorite part of the show was when you and Derek did your motivational talks in-between the dancing. You have inspired me to live a better, more positive life. You guys have truly changed my life. You have given me the motivation to face my fears and own them and to make every moment special.

  16. What I do is trying to be one of the dancers from DWTS. But mainly, I just put on some of my favorite tunes and just dance around my room. Also, I love doing yoga after school twice a week. I just love staying active! Like you and your brother stand for on the tour: Motion=Emotion! So true, Jules!

  17. LEARN ALL STYLES, LEARN FROM ALL TEACHERS. If you are in a dancer who grew up in a studio then you understand how tight knit studios can be, even in the sense where studios in the same city literally oppose each other. This maybe one of the hardest things that you will have to do but the best way to become a better dancer is to learn from different teachers.


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