My Favorite Moment: Dancing With The Stars Finale Pt. 1

Last night was the first part of the Dancing With The Stars finale, and it did not disappoint! My very favorite moment of last night’s show were the freestyles. The freestyle is a great way to show a contestant’s journey and how far they’ve come by the end of the season. Even though all of the finalists are mentally and physically exhausted beyond belief, the energy still came through!

Alek and Lindsay’s freestyle was incredible. He nailed the performance, and Lindsay’s choreography was next level. Bindi and Derek’s dance was beautiful and breathtaking; I was definitely holding back the waterworks on that one! Carlos and Nick were also phenomenal in their performances and brought an amazing energy into that ballroom.

I can’t wait for tonight’s finale — I think it’s the biggest one we’ve had yet! Who do you think will take the Mirrorball trophy home? Did you vote??

Find out who wins tonight on ABC at 8pm EST. See you there!

Photo Credit: ABC/Adam Taylor

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  1. Bindi is the only reason I watched this season! I’ve loved her since I first saw her on her dads show! Her dad was, always has, and always will be my hero! And Bindi is too! She was even partnered with my favorite dancer Derek, by no coincidence! It was fate! That dance was the BEST dance ever performed by anyone EVER! I was bawling from the second they started, until the end when the footprints were literally being imprinted in the sand, and when Derek surprised Bindi with the picture of her and her dad on the screen, I LOST IT! The technique was perfection, and she has definitely come the farthest with her dance! She touched everyone’s hearts and had everyone in tears,and everyone was hugging her and kissing her, because you just can’t help but love Bindi and feel inspired by her. Thats what its about! Touching peoples hearts through a portrayal of beauty and emotion, and being raw with each movement. She does that every time she dances, and she has complete fun and confidence, and she especially did that tonight. If anyone deserves that mirrorball it is her! ‪#‎TEAMBINDIFOREVER‬ Dancing with the Stars ‪#‎TeamBindi‬‪#‎TeamCrikey‬ ‪#‎TeamBindiAndDerek‬

  2. I loved bindi and Derek’s dance. It seemed like everyone in the ballroom and at him on the couch were very emotional. (Including me) haha. I hope you do a dance on dwts soon 🙂

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