My Favorite Moment: Dancing With The Stars Week 2

How many of us have read something that made us feel badly about ourselves — whether it was a text, a not-so-nice email, or a rude comment on social media? Imagine that happening every single second, and it being posted publicly, for millions to see.

On last night’s Dancing With The Stars, we saw Charlotte McKinney run out of rehearsal in tears after she read some of the hurtful comments about her on social media. My heart went out to her because I know this feeling all too well. What a brave and awesome move it was for Charlotte to put that behind her and get back out there, right? Online bullying happens every day to everyday girls. Whether ten million people, ten people or just one person (you) reads it, it doesn’t matter. It all hurts the same. Tom Bergeron said last night that it doesn’t take any courage to sit behind the screen and say hurtful things. I absolutely agree! It takes courage to do as Charlotte did and keep on dancing, doing your thing.

If you’re being bullied or have been bullied online, don’t let that noise stop you from being you. Hold your head high and focus on what makes you happy! You have a whole army of friends out there whether you’ve met them or not (Hi! Over here! Yup, that’s me!) who are behind you and think that you’re wonderful. And a special note for the bullies out there: #KINDISTHENEWCOOL (just so you know).


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  1. I watch the show with my DWTS obsessed 11 year old, I’m glad cyber bullying was brought up so she hears how real it is to people like Charlotte and even Bethany Mota. The messages of anti bullying was clear from you and Tom and kids who watch the show need to hear that as another reminder, and not just hearing it at school. My daughter felt bad for Charlotte and wanted her to know there’s plenty of social media support as well and posted this that she made for her and Keo
    As great as the dancing was last night, thank you for bringing this topic as well

  2. Great post. Sure, I FEEL like I know you Julianne, but I don’t REALLY know you. Along with every other celebrity. I cannot even imagine leaving a mean-spirited comment on the social media site of someone I don’t know. If you ASKED for opinions on something, I’d leave a constructive comment if I didn’t like it. Unreal these days. I am scared for the future honestly.

  3. This really hit close to home for me. I was never really bullied as a child, but this year, my third year of university I got a taste of it. My friends that I made here completely turned on me and made me the punch line to all of their jokes. I was emotionally bullied for the majority of the year. I counted down the days until I got to go home for a weekend, and I cried when I had to come back. This has been a tough year for me personally, and having my friends bully me on top of that was devastating. I really feel for Charlotte. What was said to her was rude and unfair. I hope that she can rise above it and see the love the world has for her instead of the hate. Just like Keo said, “that’s how God made her”, and I trust that God NEVER makes mistakes. 🙂

  4. I don’t understand meanness. What I love most about you and Derek is your genuine and just plain nice. Wish there was more of you to go around – we all need friends like you. <3

  5. I really appreciate this Julianne. I truly believe that online trolling can be an addiction for some people. It gives them a rush and a sense of control that they don’t have in real life. Substituting cruelty to cover up one’s insecurities is such a low thing to do.

    I saw some not-so-nice comments about Charlotte on the Hulu page for the last week’s episode. Someone claimed that she should just take the bullying, because she’s famous and she’s just going to have to deal with it. That attitude is so, so awful. Just because someone is a public figure or performer and they have some fame, it doesn’t mean they don’t deserve to be treated with the same respect you’d have for a neighbor, relative, co-worker, or friend. Respecting others shows people that you also have respect for yourself.

    It truly is scary how people will hide behind a computer and say cruel things to people. If it’s not okay to act that way in person, it’s certainly not okay to act that way online either. Thank you for saying something. I haven’t watched episode 2 yet (I don’t have cable so I have to wait an extra week for it to show up on hulu), but I’m looking forward to seeing Charlotte, and all the other contestants, continue to dance their hearts out. Dancing With The Stars is one of my favorite shows, because, even though it’s a competition, it always feels like a positive, supportive, friendly competition. Every competitor is a winner in my eyes!

  6. I totally agree! Sometimes, I’ll check out the Dancing With the Stars Facebook page since I love the show, and I’m appalled at the nasty comments. Most of them seem to be from women, and that is really sad. I rarely go on that page because of that even though I’m a huge Dancing fan. I would rather stick to sites like this where we are encouraged to lift one another up. 🙂

  7. I was once told, if you don’t reply back to bullies, then you aren’t giving them a reinforcement and a lot of stuff to bully you on more. I had some kids bully me as a little one because I had a hard time in math and I was always made fun of. After I started ignoring their comments (not that they weren’t hurtful), they got bored with me since I didn’t respond and then moved on to someone else.

  8. As a victim of bullying for many years, I just want to say thank you so much Joanne.!! It’s people like you that help teens and even young adults

  9. Hi Julianne, I love your blogs they are so inspirational, i am working in a shop where we always do random act of kindness in our customers, and right now i start doing my own kindness challenge, thank you for inspiring me alot, keep doing it, God bless you. -Gladys from Dubai

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