A Mini Hough Reunion in Nashville

A few weeks ago, Move Beyond landed in one of my favorite cities: Nashville! To me, Tennessee means family. My mom, sister Marabeth, her husband Michael, and their son Aidan came to the show along with our cousin Heidi, her husband Matt, and their six (six!) kids. Matt was beyond surprised when I picked him out from the audience to dance on stage with the amazing Move dancers. As I suspected, being the great sport he is, Matt got really into it! It was hilarious. I asked Marabeth to share her great photos and favorite moments from the night with you and because she’s the best, she jumped on it! Take it away, sis.

Attending Move Beyond was more than just a family affair. I also had a ton of friends and clients, plus so many other people there to support the tour. We all got to go backstage after the show to snap fun pictures and hang with the dancers. It was so funny when Derek came out in his towel and photo bombed a picture!

Julianne wears a wig that looks just like me so in true Julianne form she put on a hilarious show, acting like me while mimicking my mannerisms.

I can’t even begin to choose a favorite number because they each had a place at just the right moment — they were all incredible! My most favorite aspect of the show was feeling the love Derek and Julianne have for each other and for the audience. They are doing what they love and it truly shows. It was also very sweet when Julianne and Derek brought my mom and me onstage at the end of the show.

The Move Beyond show was simply amazing! It’s entertaining, inspiring, funny, interactive, visually pleasing to watch, and features great music. There is of course non-stop dancing and endless high energy with tons of excitement!! I am so proud of both Julianne and Derek for all the hard work that it takes to put this on! I loved having them here in Nashville even if it was a short time. It means so much to get the chance to connect, relax and enjoy each other’s company.

I love my siblings so much and it brings my heart joy to see them do what they do and at the same time inspire so many people! I am honored to be their older sister. I couldn’t be more proud of the human beings they have become.

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  1. International fan here so I lived the tour through all the videos that people share on youtube and all I can say is that you and Derek individually are amazing but together are a force of nature, maybe is the love and special conection that you two share but i can not find another entertainers so incredible as you guys, really nobody can touch you.
    I love the photos that Marabeth shared, all your family is gorgeous, my favourite is the first photo LOL.
    Thank you for all the hard work in this amazing tour. God bless.

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