Dish Soap Savior: DIY Hair Color Remedy

Last week, my friend was a little let down by her latest trip to the salon. In hopes of going lighter and brighter, her visions of golden blonde locks turned out looking lackluster and dull. The end of the world it was not, but she was bummed to say the least. She was about to make another appointment when we thought to reach out to a hairstylist friend for advice. What she suggested sounded crazy, but we tried it!

“Wash your hair with dish soap.” WHAT??? “Trust me,” she said.

The dish soap DIY was a surprising success! It removed the brassy layer and left behind a much blonder, shinier, prettier shade. This hair hack can be used any time you want to gently remove any color or lighten up your hair.

DIY Hair Color Remedy

1. Wash your hair with dish soap as you would with shampoo. Give it a good scrub and let it sit for a moment.

2. Definitely follow this up immediately with a deep conditioning treatment. We made a mask out of coconut oil and regular conditioner.

3. Leave it in for 30 minutes.

4. Wash. Style as per usual.


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  1. Definitely want to try this! Just started dying my hair for the first time in 27 years and have had some interesting outcomes!

  2. I’m going to try. ❤️ Does it work w any dish soap? Bc I only have “YES” (I’m from Sweden. And the YES dish soap is green. Or do you think it will work with washing maschine soap for white-laundrey-wash. Kindly Eleonore ???☯❤️❤️❤️

  3. what! i never thought of this and it’s such an easy fix! i’ll have to let my friends know about this trick

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