DIY Christmas Ornaments

I am especially proud of this pretty DIY tree I decorated at home last week. It was surprisingly simple to do! All you need are a few easy-to-find items. You can use the ones I list here, or get creative and go with your own ideas.


Start with clear, round and heart-shaped globes that feature openings near the top.

Place twirled pieces of yarn inside, using the same shade of string as ties to hang from the tree. I chose to use hues of cream and brown because I wanted a natural color scheme but obviously the options are endless! I also used a rose gold wire in some of the globes for a touch of sparkle.



Lastly, I added water and fresh flowers to the occasional bulb.





If you’d like to recreate this look at home, here is what you’ll need:

Clear globes
Rose gold wire
• Flowers and/or flower petals

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  1. I like the flower one! It’s new and creative. My Christmas tree is all full of homemade ornaments that my sister and I made when we were younger! Our tree is jammed packed with innovative, crazy looking ornaments! Thank you for these great diy’s because I will definitely do these sometime!!

  2. Loved the idea, so many ways to personalize your tree.Thanks. Love your cuddle ty on the couch too! Merry Christmas.My family is huge and this year I started a family Christmas tree for our annual gathering. ( 11 siblings and family ( 50-70) So we will be bringing an ornament with our names on it to fill the tree. They can bring them home and will continue a our new tradition next year. I was looking for a symbol of unity in this scattered world.

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