DIY: Create The Custom Lipstick Color Of Your Dreams

I recently learned how to turn an eye shadow into a lipstick or tinted gloss. This may just be my new favorite DIY! I know I’m not the only one who has a collection of underused colors of shadow sitting in my makeup drawer. Maybe they seemed like a good idea at the time or perhaps they came in a gift set. Either way, I haven’t used them… yet. I chose to convert a lavender, rose, and shimmery gold from eye paint to lip love. It was easy to do!

How To Create A Custom Lipstick Shade In 6 Easy Steps

1. Start with loose or powder shadow. Scoop it out of it’s container and into a small microwave safe container. Press the shadow into a fine powder with the back of a spoon.

2. Add a small scoop of petroleum jelly (Vasoline or Aquaphor is fine).

3. Heat the mix in a microwave just until it turns liquid (time varies depending on the microwave)

4. Add more shadow for a deeper pigment and less for more of a translucent hue

5. Stir while warm. Pour the mixture into a cosmetic container. Eco-friendly bonus points: reuse the container your eye shadows come in.

6. Allow it to set back into a wax or jelly.

Voila! Custom color lips at your service!

Share pics of your new hue in the comments!

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  • Fun way to create your own special lip color!

  • Crystal Barraza

    Thanks! This sounds so cool & easy to do.

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