DIY Gorgeous Dried Flowers

Whenever I receive flowers (or buy them for myself because — why not?) I always wish they’d last longer, especially if they hold sentimental value. Of course the only option for forever flowers is to dry them, but I never seem to get it right. Often they start to stink or fall apart; I have yet to dry a perfect batch.

It wasn’t until I found this simple trick that I was able to simplify the process. And wouldn’t you know, the solution was right under my nose all along! All you’ll need is a sizable amount of silica gel. You know, those tiny white baggies that come in the box with your new shoes and most other items? They say, “Silica Gel: Do not eat. Throw away.” Those are silica gel!

Their purpose is to suck the moisture from the air keeping those new products dry and fresh. (Light bulb moment, right?!) You can either start collecting these little guys or buy them in bulk — but please remember to keep them out of reach from pets and small children.

4 Steps To Perfectly-Dried Flowers

You’ll need:

Silica Gel
• A jar, bowl or container that has a tightly-fitting lid.
• Flowers!

1. Trim
Trim the stem from your flowers and arrange them upright in your container. Use the smallest container necessary for the amount of flowers you’re drying. Keep in mind, the larger the jar, the more silica gel you’ll need to fill it.

2. Open
Open the packets of silica beads so they’re free from their packets and pour the gel beads over the flowers. Make sure the flowers are staying upright as the beads fill up completely around them until covered.

3. Secure
Secure this with a tightly-fitting lid.

4. Wait
For wildflowers it might only take 4-5 days, and for thicker flowers like roses, it could be about 10 days.

When you think they’re ready to go, slowly and carefully pour the mixture into a bowl. If the flower is flexible or moist at all, repeat the previous steps for a few more days. If it’s crispy and delicate — you’ve done it!

What will you do with your dried flowers?

Stay tuned for bundles of beautiful DIY dried-flower projects coming up in the spring!

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  1. This is seriously amazing! Never thought something like silica gel could help flowers last long! Thank you Jules ? Definitely going to try this!

  2. You can do this with the petals as well. I am in a long distance relationship, so every time my boyfriend sends me roses I let them bloom and then carefully take the petals off each rose, lay them out on a paper towel, cover them with another paper towel, and let them dry. I put them in the vase my first batch of roses arrived in. It is a beautiful keepsake and they mean so much to me so I want to keep them forever. This is a beautiful way to do so. When I move back home with him, I plan on purchasing a heart shaped shadow box to place them all in and mount to a wall in our home. Love lasts forever.

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