Gorgeous Nails At Home: 3 DIY Trends You’ll Love For Spring

According to eco-chic nail stylist Debbie Leavitt, the look for manis this spring is all about layering and depth. If you’ve got a fashion magazine (or five — no judgement) within reach, chances are Debbie’s hands are behind the manicures on the cover page and featured story. She doesn’t just know what the trends are, she basically starts them!

And, I’m feeling very lucky because Debbie created three exclusive inspirations for spring, just for us. She also included step-by-step instructions so we can recreate them at home. It’s a perfect weekend project!


A Few Tips Before You Begin
Tip 1: Wait for polish to dry between steps. It makes it easier to create clean lines.

Tip 2: Dusty mauves are a big color this season. Pop it up with a contrasting bright and bold color like hot pink or orange!

Tip 3: To create “monogram” letters like the “J” and “H,” use a nail dotter. (You can use a toothpick if you don’t have a nail dotter.) The easiest way to use either is to lightly touch the tip of the pen or pick into the edge of the polish. The more polish on the tool, the harder it is to make precise dots.

Look #1 • Pop Fizzle
This statement look will surely catch a lot of attention! Recreate it in three easy steps.

1. Set a foundation of negative space with a natural sheer polish.

2. Add a layer of dimension by painting an angular stripe. I prefer to use a classic color like this dusty mauve.

3. Top it off with an unexpected dotted pattern. This pop of color brightens up an already bold look. Create dots by using a dotter or a toothpick.

Look #2 • Color Blocking
This design leaves much room for creativity. You might choose to do bold stripes, vertical, horizontal, angular, or all three!

1. Paint the entire nail with your lightest shade in the trio.

2. Add another layer using the second to lightest shade.

3. Use your darkest shade to paint the last layer.

Look #3 • Ladylike Chic
This look is an exciting twist on the classic French tip.

1. Paint the entire nail in the shade you wish to be on the bottom. Wait until completely dry.

2. If you have a steady hand, freehand the top layer of color in a straight line across the nail. If you need assistance, place a post-it over the nail (when the first color is very dry) and use it as a guide.

For more nail inspiration follow Debbie on Instagram @debbiedoesnails.

Will you be DIY’ing these looks? If so, tag us in your pics!

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