DIY Pressed Flower Phone Case

I’m pretty much into anything floral right now, and this DIY totally grabbed my attention. For a unique and sweet spin on a floral phone case, look no further! I found this DIY on Capture By Lucy, and I’m so excited about all the crafting potential this project has.



You’ll need:
Clear phone case
• Fresh flowers
Clear nail polish

Lucy used a flower press, but there are other ways to flatten your flowers such as using an iron, book or microwave. For details on how to press your flowers you can go here.


1. Cut your flowers at the base of the head. Be careful to leave a little stem so the petals don’t fall apart.

2. Place them in your flower press or use an alternative pressing method.

3. When dry and flat, arrange the flowers on outside of the phone case.

4. Pour the nail polish over each flower and use the brush to smooth it out. The case will look shiny with patches when wet, but it will dry smooth and even.

5. Allow to dry completely before attaching the case to your phone.


Show me your flower phones in the comments! Can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with.

photo credit: capture by lucy

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