DIY: Rainbow Nail Art

How could anyone feel blue when they’ve got a rainbow right at their fingertips? Am I right or am I right? I’m a firm believer in dressing for the mood you want to be in. If I’m feeling low energy and want to perk myself up, I’ll put on a yellow dress and let it brighten my mood. I figure the same rule must apply to our nails!

This colorful DIY by nail artist and industry expert Tracylee Percival makes me want to bust out some jazz hands. If you’re not feeling the rainbow and want to go with your own hues, Tracylee suggests choosing colors that are complimentary in color and tone.

4 Steps To Rainbow Nails

1. Using five different colors, polish one corner of the nail to form a triangle shape. Use a different color for each nail. For those who don’t have a steady hand, you can use tape placed on the nail to make the straight lines.

angled rainbows 4

2. Next, polish a thin stripe, down the edge of the triangle. I used a striping brush to create the line and used colors that complimented the first angled color.

angled rainbows 1

3. Repeat with another thin stripe next to the previous one, using a different complementary color.

angled rainbows 2

4. Apply a matte top coat.

angled rainbows 3


For more incredible nail inspiration, follow Tracylee on Instagram @luxebytracylee.

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