A Thanksgiving DIY: Making Your Own Thankful Tree

My sister Marabeth is one of the most creative and entertaining hosts I’ve ever known. She doesn’t ever simply host a dinner — no way. There will be games, activities, and décor galore. Like all extraordinary hosts, my sister is all about the details.

The DIY Thankful Trees she made for us last Thanksgiving was one of my favorite details to date. They were gorgeous, but more importantly they were a great reminder for all the joys our family brings us. It made our gathering even more special, and it just might be the perfect thing for your family’s holiday, too!

I asked Marabeth to give you all the step-by-step details for making your own “Thankful Tree” for your family dinner this year. Be sure and tag me if you make one!


I absolutely love Thanksgiving! I host my family every year and it brings me so much joy and gratitude. As Julianne mentioned, I do love the little details. They are always what everyone treasures the most!

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This year for one of our activities, I’m going to fill a jar with Indian corn for all to guess how many are in the jar. Whoever guesses the closest wins the candy-filled jar!

The Thankful Trees were a huge Thanksgiving hit at my house. The kids had their own tree which was hung on the door, and bonus — it also doubled as the backdrop of our DIY family photo booth! The kids wrote what they were thankful for onto leaves and taped the to the tree.

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The adult tree doubled as a decorative centerpiece for the dining table. I used craft paper tags to match the theme and décor I was going for. I found a pretty stamp which read “Happy Thanksgiving” and used that to dress up the tags before each person wrote what they’re thankful for on the other side. We then hung our tags on the tree.

During dinner, we picked a tag at random and tried to guess who wrote each message. This was not only a great conversation starter, it was also so nice to hear what the people you love are most thankful for in their lives.

How To Make Your Own Thankful Tree

What you’ll need:
• A small tree or some branches displayed in a vase
• Paper cards or tags
• Hole punch (unless the tags are pre-punched)
• String to hang
• Pens or pencils
Optional: Decorative Stamp — I decided to stamp my tags, but how you decorate them is up to you!

The rest is pretty self explanatory. Just give each person their own tag and enjoy hearing about your loved ones’ gratefuls!

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