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Something rare and exciting happened in LA last week… it rained! As I dusted off my one and only umbrella, I realized how uninspiring my basic black dome is. There must be a way to jazz this baby up, I thought. Sure, I could go out and buy something with more pizazz but where is the fun in that? I spun my rubber boots back around and did a little online research. Of course there are dozens of amazing DIYs out there! To the craft store I go…

These were my very favorite DIYs, and I found it almost impossible to choose just one!

DIY Stenciled Umbrella Tutorial and image from Two Happy Hearts

DIY Striped Umbrella Tutorial and image from What I Wore

DIY Neon Geometric Print Umbrella Tutorial and image from Design For Mankind

DIY Fruity Umbrella Tutorial and image from Handimania

DIY Polka Dot Umbrella Tutorial and image from DesignLoveFest

DIY Raining Cats and Dogs Tutorial and image from Paper, Plate, and Plane

Will you be designing your own umbrella? Which style is your favorite?

Main image via What I Wore

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  1. I actually can’t choose which one I like best. The reason I usually don’t use umbrellas is cuz they’re so plain they ruin my outfit mood esp when it’s cheery! Now that I can decorate them, I’ll use them way more often so yayyy thanks Jules!

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