Lift This: DIY Wrist and Ankle Weights

Try as we might, we can’t always squeeze a workout into our schedule. I learned a long time ago sometimes you have to get creative and let the workout come to you.

With these DIY wrist and/or ankle weights, you can go about your at-home business while getting toned and tight.

You can put them to use while you squat, lunge and work your arms or, like me, you can wear them while you put groceries away, vacuum, and blow dry your hair! As long as you’re moving, they’re working.

These sock-weights are easy to make in just 4 simple steps.

You’ll need:

• Pair of tube socks
• Dry rice
• Sealable plastic bags


Step 1: Pour an even amount of dry rice into two sealable bags

Step 2: Place one rolled and sealed rice bag in each sock

Step 3: Twist off both ends of your socks so you can use them as ties

Step 4: Secure to your wrists and/or ankles and get moving!

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