Do Good, Feel Good!

In a sea of protein bar options, only one promises and delivers “goodness on all levels.” GoMacro is my go-to not only because their bars are made of all-natural plant based ingredients, but also because their mission (besides providing healthy deliciousness) is to have positive effects on the planet and beyond.

GoMacro truly pays it forward in many directions. In years past, part of proceeds from the vegan harvest goes directly to the Poplar Spring Animal Sanctuary, a home to neglected and abandoned farm animals. They also support macrobiotic education and health recovery programs at the Kushi Institute in Massachusetts.

And, because our world will one day depend on the younger generations, GoMacro not only donates bars to lunch programs and kids’ meal sponsorships, they also give computers to schools and offer other types of assistance in order to help improve health and education for future do-gooders.

Currently, they support amazing non-profits like The Gentle Barn, Giving Back Packs and The Keep A Breast Foundation.

As if the above isn’t enough to make you a fan, the bars themselves are packed with sweet and savory goodness. GoMacro magically recreated some of my favorites like creamy caramel and cookie dough using all natural ingredients — they’re seriously so good!

Paying it forward + tasty, healthy bars = Jules approved!

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