Feel Good Friday

We all know at least one person who is going through a tough time. Maybe they are having difficulties at their job, going through a break-up, or dealing with something heavier. It could be anything, big or small. Think back to one day that was particularly ugh. Did something uplifting happen – or could it have happened that would’ve made your day a little brighter?

Today I’m challenging all of us to reach out to at least one person who might need a little sunshine. Furthermore, I encourage you to make near-future plans. Whether that’s swinging by their home with coffee and treats, taking them out for a hike or stroll around a park, or doing something fun like seeing a movie or popping by a pumpkin patch. Little gestures like these can make a huge impact on someone’s happiness.

It’s up to you not only to make yours a great day — but someone else’s too!

Remember, #kindisthenewcool…


Image by Andrea Carolina Sanchez Gonzalez

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  1. Thanks Julianne this is an amazing challenge! I’m going to do this … To more than one person … To make their day better and mine! ? Thanks Julianne MAKE It A Great Day ?

  2. love this. my brother died from cancer over a year ago at 43 and so many people have done nice things for my family…above and beyond. I always try to repay the kindness shown to me. thanks for your kind heart.

  3. I was just reading a blog post on, “Cocktails and Chemo.” Her husband passed away and she was talking about making pumpkin patch memories. She said, “I’m lucky enough to have a new friend who makes it ‘girls days’ and I don’t feel as weird as the only mom without a dad at an event.”
    Such an easy way to touch someone’s life.

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