The Trick To Staying Cool? Get Hot!

They say you learn something new every day so a few days ago, this was my lesson learned. I was pretty blown away to discover when we’re feeling the heat of the hot summer sun it isn’t an ice-cold glass of anything that will cool us off quickest, but rather a warm mug of something.

Yup, you read right! Research shows when you drink something hot, the nerves in your tongue send signals to your brain telling it your body temperature is rising. Our brain tells our body to go into cool down mode, which begins with producing sweat. When the sweat begins to evaporate off our skin it lowers the temperature of our body. Crazy, right?

What’s the best hot beverage to sip if it’s super hot outside? According to research, Chrysanthemum tea if you want to get really technical. In Chinese medicine they use the herb to combat heatstroke among other things.

But really, any warm beverage will have the same effect. Just don’t down too many steaming cups. When you sweat too much, you risk dehydration and there’s nothing cool about that!

Will you try this weird trick??

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  1. I’ve tried this in the past, its the quickest way for me to get cool in the summer. My mother showed it to me a couple summers ago and I would recommend it to anyone! Thanks Jules for the great reminder! xoxo

  2. I will try it. You were always my favorite dancer on DWTS. Sad when you left, but understood. Switched my loyalties to Derek who is now my favorite.

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