Get The Look: All About Layers

One of my favorite things about this time of year is the necessity to layer-up on clothes. Putting together the perfect outfit now means using various patterns and textures, building until you achieve the perfect balance of fashion and warmth.

I love how a little pop of color underneath a solid sweater or blazer can completely transform the way it looks. When it’s done right, layering should be flattering and pulled together, rather than feeling bulky or sloppy. If I’ve got a lot happening on top, I tend to keep it simple below with fitted jeans or pants. When I’m mostly head to toe in neutrals, I’ll add a hint of color peeking out underneath to keep things fun.

Cross body bags are ideal for layered looks. They’re fall fashion win/win: they hold all your stuff and they act like a belt, securing layers and keeping your outfit in place.

I also love adding flannels, velvet blazers and cardigans to warm me up without sacrificing fashion. What are your go-to layers??

Photography by Samantha Marquart

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  1. Love your outfit and hairstyle! Yes! I love layers as well. That way, if you are somewhere where the heat is on a little too high, you can peel off what you have on. I also love blazers, jean jackets and a cute leather or faux leather jacket. I am currently on the search for a cute floral bomber jacket. 🙂

  2. I wear layers 90% of the year due the weather. I just need to find amazing jumpers to combine, love this layer-up from you, might gonna try.

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