Get the Look: Sugar and Spice

I really, really enjoy digging through my closet or exploring a store to find perfect pairings of pieces that inspire me. Not only is fashion fun, it is also an excellent opportunity for self-expression.

Since getting married, I’ve never felt sexier or more feminine. I find myself drawn to delicate things in materials like lace or satin. I love the way I feel when I’m head-to-toe in super-femme finds.

To me, this outfit is the perfect combination of sexy, soft, and strong. The white lace, high-neck elongated sleeves are a throwback to the ultra-feminine days of corsets and hoop skirts. It works so well with the flirty ruffled shorts, which give the outfit a modern and playful twist.

I clicked my way through the web in search of more pieces like these to bring out our inner girly-girl. Would you try this soft-but-sexy look?

Photography by Samantha Marquart

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Comments 4

  1. I would totally wear this! Not only is it pretty, it looks comfortable too.
    Tasha Juli

  2. love that top, it would look fabulous on just a ribbed jeans or a nice skirt as well.
    (I don’t wear shorts because of my ugly legs, haha.)

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