Get This Look: Fishtail Top Knot

A few weeks ago on Dancing with the Stars, I wore a sleek gold dress with a dark red lip and slicked back hair fashioned into a dramatic fishtailed top knot. I knew I loved this look, but I didn’t realize that you all loved it too until I got home and read your comments (thank you, btw!).

There were countless questions about the braided top knot and how stylist Chad Wood hooked it up. I figured it would be best if the creator himself shared his step-by-steps to top knot perfection.

Take it away, Chad!


PS: Let me know if you try this! Tag me on Instagram @JulianneHough_com — I wanna see your top knots!

My inspiration for Julianne was from a look I had done on Jaime King that we had pulled from a couple of Paris runway looks that I made my own. I wanted something different and fresh that nobody would expect, whilst still polished and clean.

How To Achieve This Top Knot

1. Start by blow drying the hair away from the face.

2. Once dry, apply Alterna Caviar hair gel. I love this product because it’s a cream gel and gives a soft, movable hold while getting all the baby hairs.

3. Take a Mason Pearson brush and make a high, tight pony. Make sure that everything is smooth and in place.

4. Use an S Hook Elastic to secure at the base.

5. When the pony is secure, start your fish tail braid. Once done, spray with IGK hair spray.

6. Next, flip the braid up towards the face and have the end circle back, almost creating a loop. Separate and shape as desired. Secure with bobby pins as needed.

7. Place a clip (we used one by Chloe and Isabel) at end of the tail to add a little accent to your style.

8. Spray the whole knot down with more hair spray and — done!

You now have a flip tail braid!

For more hair inspiration follow @chadwoodhair.

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  1. Do you have hair extensions, and if so can you say what kind please? Is it hard to style in the look above ^^ with hair extensions also? Thanks!

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