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Perfume is an extremely personal aspect of my life. No matter where I am in the world — traveling for work, visiting my family, or in the stands cheering for Brooks — having a consistent scent that stays with me keeps me grounded, elevates my confidence, and always makes me feel like myself. For these reasons and more, I’m truly thrilled to be the ambassador for Giorgio Beverly Hills’ newest fragrance, Glam. The notes of jasmine make me feel like I’m at home in nature and the hints of sandalwood and amber evokes my empowered side. It’s strong and powerful but at the same time glamorous and beautiful. I believe it’s important to feel connected to your distinct fragrance because not only does it say a statement about who you are, it can influence and inspire you from within. Like the brand, Glam is timeless, feminine, and sexy. I feel like it embodies a strong, powerful woman in control of her own life.

Giorgio Beverly Hills launched its first fragrance in 1981. In celebration of the 35th anniversary of their classic fragrance, Giorgio Beverly Hills Glam was created to continue the legacy. Giorgio Beverly Hills is an iconic brand synonymous with the glamorous California lifestyle. The brand makes me think of a beautiful woman, smiling and strutting her way down sunny Rodeo Drive, her arms swinging shopping bags from all her favorite stores. And while most of us have only seen this carefree scene play out in movies like Pretty Woman, I feel like any woman can have her own Rodeo Drive moment by indulging in a scent that makes her feel as such. The extravagant gem-like bottle is a piece of art on it’s own! It beautifully stands out in my vanity. I am excited to share it with my friends and family (and you!) this holiday season.

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