The Best Best Friends In America!

A big, huge, heartfelt thank you to everyone who submitted a story to The Giving Keys BFF Contest Giveaway! You all had me laughing and crying my way through the Ask Jules inbox. Out of the thousands of stories submitted, Isabel’s stood out to me most. The way Isabel describes her friendship with Sanaia is everything I believe true friendship is all about. Congrats, girls! I hope you love your BFF necklaces from The Giving Keys as much as my BFF and I do!

Choosing just one story was nothing short of impossible, so I chose two additional runners up who I will share with you in the upcoming weeks. And because choosing just three stories out of a sea of incredibleness was also a struggle, I’ve decided to feature even more of you on my new Instagram @juliannehough_com. Stay tuned to see if your story was chosen!

I’m sharing Isabel’s letter below for all of you to enjoy. It makes me so happy to know there are wonderful friendships happening every day, and Isabel and Sanaia truly embody what it means to be “best friends.”



I used to live in Utah, and when I was 10 my mom got remarried and we moved to a small town in Kansas. I was so nervous. I’d never been this far away from family and friends. I moved at the end of January, and that following summer was when I first started talking to my best friend, Sanaia. We were at the pool for the 4th of July, and we both had a common friend that we were hanging out with. When the common friend left, it was just me and her. That day we watched fireworks together, and that’s when I realized: this girl is going to be my best friend.

We started school (5th grade) after that, and we began to hang out a ton! The following summer we did the town musical that they put on every year. We rode our bikes everyday to Sonic, and then to practice. We were together more than I was with my own family! That summer is still one of my best memories.

Then we started middle school, and that was when everything went downhill. An anonymous person started texting two of our other girl friends very mean things. The two girls decided to blame me. They thought I was the one sending them these mean things, so they ditched me. But guess who stuck around? Sanaia.

We spent all of 6th grade together. Everyone said we were long lost twins. We knew each other so well that we knew what the other person was thinking. Then summer came around again, and I got some terrible news. I would be moving away at the beginning of 7th grade. When I found this out, I didn’t think about my new school, or the town I lived in currently. The only thing I thought about was Sanaia. What was I going to do without her? She was the only person who really knew me. Sanaia knows me better than I know myself. What was I going to do without her?

When I told her, I could tell she was devastated. She didn’t cry, instead she tried to stay strong. Which only made me feel worse. I was on a cheer team, and when we were getting ready to leave for a cheer camp, my coach spilled the beans that I was leaving. You know in movies when they slow things down to show more emotion? That’s exactly what happened. Sanaia couldn’t hold back her tears, and neither could I. My vision blurred, and the only thing I could focus on was Sanaia.

The last month I was there was hell. Sanaia and I walked on eggshells, avoiding the subject that I was leaving. On my last day, we hugged, and I never wanted to let her go.

Now I live 2 hours away. I’m about to start my 8th grade year, and I still don’t have any friends here. Nobody could replace Sanaia. I still see her occasionally, but occasionally is not enough. Whenever something happens she’s the one I want to turn to. I want to laugh with her when I see something funny. I want to cry on her shoulder when I am hurt.

Having this necklace, and knowing that she had the other half, just might help me feel connected to her. Sanaia is my best friend, and I wouldn’t want it any other way.

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  1. I know what it’s like to be young and lose a best friend you feel like you will never be able to replace. I hope they are able to remain friends. This is so heartbreaking. Thank you for sharing this story. I’m crying but I cry about everything.

  2. Two hours is a fairly long way away for teenagers. As your driving skills get better and age changes your perspective of time (2 hours won’t seem that long). Meanwhile, you can probably find a chat app that you two can share, maybe even with video (make sure it’s secure). I know older people who still have friends from the 3rd & 4th grade. Unfortunately, I don’t because I’m older than dirt. Just keep making an effort to stay in touch.

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