Grease Live Theme Party Ideas

This Sunday night, I’m beyond excited to play Sandy on FOX’s Grease Live! Thank you to everyone for the shared excitement and support. I love that so many of you are having Grease Live viewing parties! That’s so much fun!

I’ve pulled together some 1950s-inspired food and décor ideas, because let’s be real — the only kind of party is a theme party. If you need some inspiration for your costume, I talked about my favorite looks here last week.


The Pink Ladies and T-birds spent so much time at the diner. If it were me, I’d turn your living room into the Frosty Palace.

These cutouts are sure to be the perfect decoration to set the 1950s mood!

Hang some themed paper lanterns to get your party going.

I’m in love with these delicious french fry “shooters” from Boksomdaais.

These soda fountain sundaes are kind of the best thing ever.

Some adorable horn-rimmed glasses are less than $10 and are sure to bring out your inner Rydell High student.

Anything with records! It was all about the jukeboxes back then. And these cookie inspirations from Sweet Sugarbelle are amazing!

Please leave your Grease party pics here in the comments. I can’t wait to see them!

See you on Sunday!

Main image credit: Sweet Sugarbelle

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  1. I had never seen Grease so I just watched the original last night to start getting in the spirit! You are the perfect person to play Sandy and will be absolutely AMAZING!!!

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